Lepe Country Park

Coastal Processes

Learning objectives

Investigate the effects of the sea and storms on the shore and ways we protect land for recreation and wildlife interests.

Opportunities for


  • Unit 4 going to the seaside
  • Unit 13 contrasting localities
  • Unit 14 investigating rivers
  • Unit 23 investigating coasts
  • Unit 25 geography and numbers
  • Sc 2e forces and movement
  • Sc 3d rocks and soils

Learning skills

  • Group work
  • Assessing risk
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity


Introduction to Lepe – sense of place, what we will do, what do you think you will find, where will we find them, what risks are there.


Investigate the power of the sea and weather and measure its effects on the shore. Complete one or more field sketches on sea defences, spit, river valley, exposed cliffs.


Recap on key words, discuss options for the future of the park, questions and answers.


Most children will – be able to take an environmental measurement, use a range of geographical terms with help, name some environmental factors and know their effects, complete a field sketch with assistance.

Some children will have progressed further and will – understand and predict some future problems along the coast, draw field sketches unaided, use a range of geographical terms.

Additional activities

These activities can be built into this session as extension tasks or fun additions:  scavenger hunt, beach art, I-spy sheets (landmarks and signs etc), river studies, orienteering, view finding.


Field sketches, compass, anemometer, thermometer, measuring tape (additional: hoops, scavenger list, I-spy sheets, orienteering markers, postcards of views).

Post visit ideas

Compare visit to stormy Lepe PowerPoint, discuss and draw future of the park facilities, role play of different park visitors and how they are affected.