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Yateley Country Park

October 2015

Works to control Floating Pennywort at Wyndham’s

Over the coming weeks contractors will be clearing some of the trees in the marshy area above Wyndham’s Pool in order to gain access and carry out works to control the spread of the invasive plant species Floating Pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides)

Floating Pennywort is listed under schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act in England and Wales and it is therefore an offence to plant or cause this species to grow in the wild.

Over the last few years Floating Pennywort has grown across this marshy area and is threatening to spread into Wyndham’s Pool, it causes a range of problems including changing the availability of oxygen in the water, threatening fish and invertebrates and crowding out native water plants.

In the past, several attempts have been made by staff and volunteers to remove the pennywort but it is extremely difficult to control due to its fast growth rate (up to 20cm/day) and its ability to re-grow from tiny fragments.

We apologise for the inconvenience but the causeway footpath running between the marsh and pond will have to be closed temporarily during these works, and we would appreciate your cooperation in avoiding the area where possible. Every effort will be made to minimise the disruption caused.

Heathland Management Work Cricket Hill

Over the next few weeks some of the scrub in the heath between Cricket Hill Land and the old SIMs metal is being removed by contractors in order to allow the heathland plants underneath to flourish, and to prevent the area from eventually becoming wooded. These works are being carried out as part of an on going management plan for the site.


In the coming months volunteers will be carrying out scrub clearance works near Stroud Pond Car Park and near the Heathlands Cemetery. Our Sunday Conservation work party at the end of October is being run as a family friendly event and everyone is welcome to join us, for more information please contact


With the loss of our Senior Ranger in September we are currently short staffed, please bear with us when reporting issues such as fly tipping as we have to prioritise our work programme but will respond to issues as quickly as we can.