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Corporate Social Responsibility — Monitor of Achievements

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Purchasing and Contracts

Cleaning, Catering and Hardware

  • All black refuse sacks available in stock are manufactured from a minimum of 96% UK-sourced post consumer waste.
  • All sandwich/salad packaging supplied to Hampshire County Council is made from rPET which is 100% recycled PET. The primary source of the PET is recycled carbonated soft drink and water bottles.
  • The Dessert Containers currently available from County Supplies are made from PET which means that they can be recycled in the same method as carbonated soft drink and water bottles.
  • A range of energy-efficient white goods is available.
  • All refrigerators and freezers are CFC free.
  • COSHH sheets for products stocked are supplied electronically.
  • All detergents provided are bio-degradable.
  • Liquid detergents are phosphate free.
  • A range of rechargeable batteries and torches is available.
  • A range of long life, low energy lamps and fluorescent tubes is available from stock, helping to reduce maintenance and energy costs.
  • The majority of sprayable products are provided in hand-powered or refillable trigger bottles.
  • All disposable hygiene products are manufactured from 100% post consumer waste and over half of these products are manufactured solely from UK-sourced recycled paper, thus reducing landfill and minimising the carbon footprint


  • The Waste and Recycling contract has been extended to include battery and used IT equipment recycling.
  • County Supplies is working to manage energy usage and reduce wastage with the early implementation of Smart Meters (Automated Meter Reading).
  • A Waste and Recycling contract that covers 100% of normal waste materials is available for use by schools, community organisations and corporate departments.
  • A Cleaning Framework contract is an achievement in sustainable buying.
  • All contracts make reference to the Council's Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.
  • All contracts include reference to non-discrimination on the grounds of age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, gender regeneration, responsibility for dependants or trade union activity, in both the offer of goods and services and employment.
  • County Supplies is helping to provide safer communities by arranging contracts for training of staff in dealing with challenging behaviour.
  • A contract exists for the collection and disposal of hazardous waste.
  • All large Hampshire County Council sites are supplied with new green renewable energy and all medium sites take energy that is CCL exempt – from good quality CHP generation.
  • A contract is in place for the supply of Bio-Diesel. Offering a mix of 95:5, the motor fuel reduces CO2 and particulates emissions. Hampshire Transport Management, Hampshire Police and potentially Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service are using the contract.

Food and Vending

  • County Supplies, in collaboration with HC3S, has worked to ensure all fish and seafood products supplied to Hampshire schools are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). MSC is a global organisation dedicated to promoting and rewarding sustainable fishing.
  • The main food supplier to Hampshire County Council, working with County Supplies, has introduced a Local Purchasing Policy.
  • £20,000 of tea (Ethical Tea Partnership) and £21,500 of coffee (Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade) supplies are purchased from ethically managed sources.
  • A contract is in place for plumbed-in water coolers, offering a constant and cheaper supply of drinking water over bottled supplies. There is no longer a need for the delivery or disposal of bottles, or the replacement of heavy bottles onto the dispensers by staff.
  • All cheese comes from Dorset or Somerset.
  • All beef used in Hampshire is purchased from local suppliers and is organic.
  • 40% of fruit and vegetables used are locally grown.
  • 75% of milk used comes from Hampshire farms.

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Furniture and Furnishings

  • Where we can reasonably do so within the European legislation we look to award contracts to suppliers who can demonstrate that their furniture has a very low carbon footprint, taking into consideration the manufacturing methods, packaging used and the distance and methods of travel.
  • We stipulate that all contracted suppliers must have and maintain ISO14001 for Environmental Management Systems.
  • All wood material used in the manufacture of any furniture that we supply must come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sources or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification or Pan-European Forest Certification).
  • A contract is in place for the removal of redundant furniture which is stripped to its component parts and recycled or coverted into Biomass fuel.
  • 70% of furniture manufacturers contracted to Hampshire County Council can prove sources of raw materials are from sustainable sources.
  • 50% of furniture supplied via CPCS contracts can demonstrate that the materials used come from recycled sources.
  • All furniture products are manufactured using solvents containing non-ozone depleters.

Procurement Development

  • By encouraging SMEs to bid for council contracts, Hampshire is helping to build strong communities.
  • E-tendering systems should reduce the use of paper.


  • Many stationery products, including ring binders, flip files and storage boxes, have a recycled element.
  • Recycled copier paper is available and the remaining supplies are from managed sources.


  • The majority of photocopiers feature energy saving functions whereby the machine switches to standby after a certain period of inactivity.
  • A range of fully recycled photocopiers is offered.
  • Two contracts have been put into place for the disposal of IT equipment.
  • The majority of IT equipment supplied has an energy sleep mode as standard.
  • 50% of all toner cartridges are recycled.

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Warehouse and Distribution

  • All packaging used by County Supplies' warehouse is both recycled and recyclable.
  • A smaller-size box has been introduced to the warehouse which has a base area equal to an A5 sheet of paper. This will prove much more economical when packaging small orders.
  • All waste cardboard/plastic packaging is bailed and recycled.
  • A free collection and recycling service is offered to all customers for the disposal of old catalogues.


Marketing and Information

  • The Catalogues of Goods and Services are printed using vegetable-based inks on paper sourced from fully sustainable, responsibly managed forests.
  • The Catalogue of Goods and Services features an Environmental Index which highlights more than 250 products with good environmental credentials.
  • Publications such as SupplyBase and Festive Crafts are printed on recycled paper containing a minimum of 75% recovered waste.
  • The Catalogues of Goods and Services include: details of an energy classification scheme; details of domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment; more detailed information about how we aim for equality and diversity, health and safety and sustainability; widening ranges of FSC products; bio-mix diesel fuel using re-used oils; renewable processes to supply electricity.
  • Catalogue Updates,Services and Maintenance and Repair are published online – saving printing, paper and distribution costs.