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26/02/2014 09:46am

Jon Stasiuk

First ever visit to the museum. 10 out of 10. Exhibits displayed well, concise, interesting and informative. The whole display seemed to fit the size of the building and came across as a very human, almost personal history of the town. I never realized that Alton has such a rich and varied past. Definitely worth a visit.



18/02/2011 01:47pm

Andy Page, University of Portsmouth

Date of visit Fri 04 Feb 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and was particularly impressed that much of what was on display was directly relevant or connected to Alton.

Cheerful, friendly and helpful staff make the visitor immediately welcome, setting a positive tone for the visit.

I am extremely disheartened by the fact that central government cuts have forced the county council to make paid staff redundant and rely upon volunteers. Museums are a cornerstone of the community and should be treated as such, which includes funding professional staff.

Apropos funding, it appears that this has been lacking for some years now: one caption refers to the nineteenth century as "the last century", proof that it's been more than a decade since renewal of that exhibit was possible.

Should any money become available, might I suggest some maps be incorporated in the displays? Being from Portsmouth, I don't know Alton well enough to know the location of Neatham, as mentioned in the Roman exhibition.

The buckle is a star exhibit but the museum's strength is the comprehensive narrative it presents regarding the development of the town.

Thank-you for an enjoyable afternoon.



09/02/2011 03:29pm

Jill Line

I had an enjoyable morning visit as part of the U3A Archaeology Group. We had an interesting background talk from Tony Cross to begin with, and then wandered about exploring. The Museum has many fine exhibits from local finds - I would like to discover some artefacts like these in my back garden!

We were made very welcome and I look forward to a follow-up visit soon.



31/10/2010 05:26am

Dawn Othen

Congratualtions on very interesting displays.

I popped in last week, my first visit, although I live fairly locally in Alresford, and have been to the Allen Gallery several times. I was just passing by on my own photographic quest, but enjoyed the stories so much that I stayed much longer than I had expected, and ran out of parking time!



25/09/2010 05:40am

Nicholas Ingle

Having been born in Alton it was such a pleasure to re-visit the Curtis Museum on a recent trip back. There were rumours that it was being closed, I do hope this is not the case, it tells the local story very well.



22/08/2010 03:27pm

Mary Korndorffer

We found ourselves in Alton yesterday and visited the museum. The receptionists were extremely helpful, because I wanted to know more about the Curtis and Crowley families (a long story involving a 19th century recipe book). They showed us the display about the brewery and found the Curtis family tree which we could inspect, as well as some old documents. I was also delighted to see the Anglo-saxon buckle (just like Sutton Hoo) and the Selbourne cup (enamelling like that from Hadrian's Wall "souvenirs"). Thought the whole atmosphere welcoming and the children's section appealing. Good luck and we may return!



10/08/2010 11:15am

David Graham

Have visited several times and always had a friendly welcome. The archaeology displays are well laid out and interesting, though perhaps could do with the occasional slight change to make repeat visits worthwhile.


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