Admission to school

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STOP PRESS for Secondary Transfer applicants

>Updated on 17 October 2014<

Applications for starting Year 7 in September 2015 opened on Monday 15 September 2014. Hampshire County Council residents can apply either:

  • online, by clicking on this link: Apply online.

  • by completing a paper application form. Forms are available from any Hampshire primary, infant or junior school or by calling 0845 603 5623.

Further information on the application process can be found in our Guidance on applying for a school place for September 2015 section.

The closing date for all Year 7 applications is Friday 31 October 2014. Parents who apply by this date will be advised of the outcome of their application on the national notification date of Monday 2 March 2015. Parents who apply online will be able to log back into the online system to learn the outcome of their application on 02 March.  Additionally, we will email the notification to you.  For parents who apply on a paper application form, a notification letter will be sent in the first class post on 02 March.