Hampshire Governor Services

Hampshire Governor Services - an overview

“Since the previous inspection, governors have commissioned their own review into the work of the governing body to ensure that it meets the same outstanding quality as other aspects of school leadership. The outcome has enabled them to hone their skills in regularly asking leaders challenging questions, as well as supporting developments.”

Ofsted 2015 re a Hampshire School


What do we offer?


  • For school governors and children’s centre advisory boards and clerks to both
  • A large, diverse and relevant  programme (see current year)
  • Regularly updated in response to changes affecting governance and to meet needs of new customers (register for free email updates)
  • Conferences - locally based with national speakers
  • Customisable to meet local needs and particular groups of governing bodies or advisory boards
  • Consistent average rating of 4.4 (where 5 is excellent and 4 is good) across 713 annual  events over several years.
  • Training provided on site for individual governing bodies
  • Range of purchase options /Discounted E-Learning from other providers
  • Briefings on major policy / legislation change

The Customer Service Excellence Assessor reported:

“The service is a totally customer focused service delivered by staff who are professional, polite and helpful. Customers praised the team consistently for the way in which it went the extra mile to support Governing Bodies.”



Intranet Web-site Access

  • 24/7 one stop shop  information and advice
  • Comprehensive databank of policies, documents and guidance linked to national regulations
  • Topical ‘what’s new?’ area
  • Specialist areas for clerks and TLGs
  • On-line training booking system
  • E-learning to help governors handle crisis situations effectively. Programmes cover complaints, child protection, pupil discipline and staffing hearings.

Advice & support

  • Fast, reliable, responsive, friendly, local support to GB’s, Principals, clerks and individual governors by e-mail, telephone or personal appointment.
  • Newsletters and guidance documents
  • Welcome programme (e-learning) for new governors
  • Knowledgeable, sensible advice based on many years of working in school governance.

Bespoke Services

  • Support to governing bodies in schools in special measures or where there are serious concerns
  • Consultancy on governing body relationships and procedural issues
  • Assistance for federations, collaborations and setting up temporary governing bodies

Why choose us?

  • Thirty years of serving Governors
  • The only service in the country to be awarded seven consecutive national customer service excellence awards
  • Experienced local teams, nationally engaged
  • Highly customer focussed
  • Governors as key stakeholders in the business – not as course attendees!
  • Cost effective – good quality without the gloss or frills
  • Consistent subscription rate of 86% of Hampshire schools over many years; those who know us value what they get.

What does it cost?

Some of our services are funded by the Local Authority for governors in Hampshire County Council Maintained Schools and advisory boards (Partnership Boards) in Hampshire children’s centres. Others are purchased on an ad-hoc or subscription basis. Academies, within and beyond Hampshire, other Local Authorities or organisations running schools or children’s centres, may purchase our services too.

If you would like to talk to us about your needs and what it would cost for us to help you please contact us by email county.governor.services@hants.gov.uk or telephone 01962 845706. We look forward to working with you!