Hampshire Governor Services

Are you seeking a Review of governance?

1. Why use us to support your review?

“a comprehensive review of the governing body’s work from (Hampshire) governor services …led to an action plan being quickly put in place to address weaknesses” Ofsted 2013

  • Established service with 20 years experience of supporting governing bodies across all phases and types of schools.
  • Established track record of supporting governors through challenging change processes.
  • Established track record of conducting reviews over many years.
  • Experienced, serving governors who understand governance.
  • Integrated working with other school improvement professionals
  • Professional, responsive service to support you to achieve improvement.
  • Review tailored to individual circumstances of your school.

2.  When should a Governing Body commission a review?

  • If recommended as a result of an Ofsted inspection
  • When a school/academy decides that a review would be helpful as part of an on-going process to develop and improve governance.

Schools do not need to wait for an Ofsted inspection recommendation to seek a review. Any school can arrange a review of governance at any time in order to improve the effectiveness of the work of the governing body.

3.  What is the purpose of a review?

Any review is intended to improve and develop governance.  Ultimately, the real test of improvement is the governing body’s positive impact on pupils’ attainment and achievement.

A review is not an additional inspection. It provides the governing body with an experienced external perspective on how it is working, and what actions it could take to improve.

4.  What does a review involve?

A review will usually include:

  • A meeting with Head and Chair to discuss and agree the review focus and process
  • Remote over-view of paperwork
  • Written summary of findings with clear and specific development areas

It will also include other activity to support the governing body self-evaluation for example:

  • Attendance at a FGB or Committee to observe practice and feedback
  • GB self-evaluation ( facilitated) session
  • A workshop with the Chair of Governors  /Committee Chairs to produce an action plan for development and improvement
  • Support to develop the monitoring plan for the GB to ensure it is embedded in the school development plan

5. How much does a review cost and who pays for it?

Schools and academies are responsible for paying for a review of governance. The exact cost of a review will depend on the work required and will be a matter for agreement between the school/academy and Hampshire Governor Services. It is likely to be in the range of £600 to £1200.  

The Local Authority may in some circumstances cover an element of the cost. Governing bodies which subscribe to our training services may use their Whole Governing Body entitlement to reduce the cost.  We believe that each review process should reflect the needs of the  school situation and take into account the context .  We will work with you to decide what review is appropriate to support the board in achieving improvement..

6. Who should I contact to find out more / arrange a review of governance?

Call us on 01962 845706 or email county.governor.services@hants.gov.uk. Give us your contact details and we'll make sure the right person gets in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Find out more / arrange a review

Call us on 01962 845706 or email County Governor Services. We will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.