Hampshire Inspection and Advisory

Curriculum resources

The curriculum updates are compiled by inspectors and advisers and share examples of high-quality good practice to keep you up to date with subject or whole school issues.


Our curriculum websites are run by the Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS) and all the materials on the sites are supplied by either our HIAS inspector/advisers or by Hampshire schools.

You will find useful and up-to-date information and guidance on our websites, plus resources which you can download and feel free to use or amend for your own purpose.

You can access the curriculum websites from the Curriculum support page.


Accessing the websites

The HIAS curriculum websites are password protected – You need to log in to access these pages.

Hampshire funded schools

You will need your school's DfE number and password to access these pages.

Other interested users

HIAS curriculum websites are available on a subscription basis. (The subscription rate will be calculated individually on application.)

For more information on subscribing to the HIAS curriculum website, please contact HIAS enquiries on:

E-mail:  hias.enquiries@hants.gov.uk.


Welcome to the HIAS Moodles, these collaborative environments are provided as part of the HIAS service to support schools. Teachers will require a login for the HIAS Moodles (if they wish to collaborate or contribute), these can be requested by contacting the IT Help Desk or relevant subject officer.

The HIAS Curriculum support pages provides a full range of curriculum and management advice – for these, teachers require a separate school login which can be requested from their school admin office.


Below you will find a list of publications produced by the Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service. They have been sorted by subject to make it easier for you to find the publication you need.

If you would like to know more about the publications we produce or to order a publication, please contact the HIAS Publications Team on:

E-mail: hias.enquiries@hants.gov.uk



For more information about HIAS school improvement services please contact: hias.enquiries@hants.gov.uk