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Inspection and Advisory Service (HIAS)

Fees and charges

HIAS Service Level Agreement 2014 - 2017  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 1MB

Schools can sign up to a service level agreement which enable schools to access our services at a reduced cost.

Service Level Agreement rates 2015/2016 (Hampshire county schools)

Inspector day

Inspector hour










Booking rates 2015/2016 (Other schools and settings)

Inspector/adviser day rate

Inspector/adviser hourly rate
(minimum three hour booking)



Plus expenses where additional travel costs incurred outside vicinity of Hampshire.


Hampshire Leading Teachers' rates 2015/2016

HLT day rate









Curriculum Resource Centres - Subscription Form

Subscription to Curriculum Resource Centres 2015/2016 (Hampshire county schools)

Subscription to

School’s NOR <100

School’s NOR <600

School’s NOR >600

One centre




Two centres




Three centres




Four centres





Subscription to Curriculum Resource Centres 2015/2016 (Other schools and settings)

The centres offer a range of curriculum packs, resources and artefact loan boxes. There is an additional charge per item.

Subscription to curriculum centres
(History Curriculum Centre, County RE Centre,
Mathematics Advisory Centre, RADE Centre)

Annual subscription

Total including
VAT ( 20%)

1 centre



2 centres



3 centres



4 centres




Curriculum websites and Moodle subscriptions

Hampshire funded schools' can access the HIAS curriculum website and Moodles free of charge.

All prices exclude VAT.

Local authority charges:

No of schools per local authority

Annual subscription fee for access to all sites

Annual subscription fee for access to an individual site

11 – 50



51 – 400



401 +



Individual charges:

Individual person or establishment

Annual subscription fee for access to all sites

Annual subscription fee for access to an individual site

Per person/establishment



Subscription form

The above prices will give you access to all the HIAS curriculum websites and Moodles. Please note, that most resources are provided free on the websites, but a few have an additional purchase price.


HIAS curriculum updates subscription

The curriculum updates are compiled by inspectors and advisers and share examples of high-quality good practice to keep you up to date with subject or whole-school issues. There are 13 titles which are produced twice a year. The curriculum updates are available by annual subscription, either electronically or in printed format. For further information and a full list of our titles, please see our curriculum updates leaflet.  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 4MB

Level of subscription

Annual subscription fee

Printed format
(includes electronic version)

Annual subscription fee

Electronic format

Hampshire funded schools:

All curriculum updates



Other schools and settings:

All curriculum updates

Price on application


Individual titles

Price on application

£40 per title

Subscription form for Hampshire funded schools.

Subscription form for other schools and settings.