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Hearing Protection

Your hearing is incredibly sensitive. .Drums and amplified music produce sharp sound peaks which will damage your hearing permanently. Ever come out of a loud concert or club with ringing in your ears? Your hearing is being damaged. In the old days rock musicians didn't bother about their hearing. Now they are deaf.

Good hearing is a musicians most important possession, and nowadays professional musicians protect their hearing by wearing earplugs every time they play in a band or go to a gig or club. If you have to shout to be heard above the noise, then you need earplugs – as a rule, you need them whenever drums are played. At first they feel funny - but give it ten minutes and you will forget they're there - you can still hear and speak, it's just that everything is quieter, and you can hear the music more clearly too. Many people do not take this seriously until it's too late and the damage has been done - THIS IS SERIOUS - I have met many rock musicians who have permanent hearing damage and desperately wish that they had been warned earlier. Luckily, you have been - so be smart - get some earplugs, wear them a few times to get used to them, then use them. Anyone who doesn’t is a fool.

Electrical Safety

Electric shock has killed and injured lots of musicians. The classic situation is an electrical fault in an amplifier or PA making the normally earthed parts go live. You then touch your guitar strings and the mic at the same time, completing the circuit, and the electricity goes to ground through you, stopping your heart. To prevent this, get mains plugs wired by someone who knows what they're doing, get dodgy gear fixed professionally before you use it, and use a circuit breaker with any electric gear - at home or school, unless you’re certain there’s already a safety trip switch built in to the mains circuit. If something goes wrong, it cuts the power. Is your life worth ten quid? Then buy a circuit breaker. If any school gear starts acting up – working intermittently, buzzing etc, stop using it immediately and tell your teacher so they can get it fixed.