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Mediterranean Drums

The Place, The People Historically united by the great Islamic Ottoman Empire and Moorish Caliphates of North Africa and Spain, the Mediterranean lands reflect Berber, Arab, Christian and Jewish influences in their music. The Ottoman Empire’s tolerant attitude towards other faiths and cultures through millets allowed for a remarkable fusion of cultures which runs through the music of the region.

The Music Like Islamic art, North African music is complex, elaborate and decorated. From Al-Andalus, the moorish kingdom of Spain and North Africa, it has absorbed the music of Flamenco and the nuba suite from the dominant forms of the al-ala, and combined these with the hypnotic rhythms of Morocco and Algeria.

The Workshop From Arabic North Africa and the Middle East come the colourful and exotic sounds of the doumbek, cahon and bendir. Students learn characteristic rhythms used both in traditional styles and the contemporary sounds of Rai and Chaabi, and use them to create their own compositions and improvisations.

Workshop - A 1/2 day of sessions with tutor £180.  A full day of sesions with tutor £295

Residency - A 1/2 term of weekly sessions with tutor and drums which stay at school, 6 x 1/2 days £695

Sessions may run from 35 to 55 minutes, depending on the age group, and fit with the school timetable where possible. The time may be used in many ways; often schools want every class to have at least one contact so everyone has an opportunity to share the excitement. This has been very successful at KS1 with some classes having more if time allows.  Alternatively, and especially at KS2, schools may have particular groups work intensively with contact every week or fortnight, allowing a more thorough programme in which students learn and perform very exciting and chellenging material. We also encourage a performance towards the end of a project.

For bookings and information please contact Kathy Moore on 023 8065 2037 or e-mail: