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Primary Prom 2013

Words and music for the HMS Primary Proms 2013

Creating an audio CD

Follow the instructions below -  you can now create your own CD - direct from this website.
If you managed to get to this web page by yourself you can make a CD too !

Please print these instructions first !

To make your own CD you will need:

- A Blank CD

- A computer with a CD burner
[99.9% of computers have these as standard now, so you probably have one even if you didn't know it !]

  1. Make sure you are still on this web page
    By now you should be reading this from a print out :)

  2. Put a BLANK cd in your CD burner
    If a window pops up asking what you want to do with it, just close it

  3. Click on 'Make your own Primary Prom Backing CD.exe'.
    This could be quite a large file and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection [up to 300Mb]

  4. Choose 'Run'
    [If you use Firefox you will have to 'Save' and then double click on the file in the download window and choose 'Run' ]

  5. You will be asked 'Do you want to extract and burn to CD/DVD ?'
    Click 'Yes'

  6. A box called 'Extracting' will appear with a progress bar followed by the CD burning window
    Just sit back - it's all automatic ! :)

  7. Once the CD has finished burning, the CD will eject.
    If you get a message about closing the CD tray manually, close it and click 'OK'.

  8. The CD will check itself and eject again when complete.

  9. That's it ! All done !

    [ Windows 7 / Windows Vista users may get a message reporting that the program may not have installed correctly. You can ignore this and click 'Cancel' ]