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Education data tracking for looked after children

The DfE has tasked every local authority with improving attainment levels of all children currently in care and all children in care at any point in this academic year. Hampshire County Council's Children’s Services now require reliable, accurate and up to date attainment data, to enable them to rigorously track and monitor progress of all these children.

The documentation on this page gives guidance for the downloading, completing and returning of standardised assessment data for Hampshire’s Looked After Children for

  • non-Hampshire (out of county) schools

  • Hampshire Education Centres

  • Hampshire schools without a Hampshire IT SLA.

(Please note that Hampshire schools with a Hampshire IT SLA should use the SIMS Assessment Manager templates and guidance notes which can be found at:

Please note that the guidance notes now include a colour-coded section to help clarify which cells in the trackers should be completed each term. If users require printed copies of the instructions, we suggest you print in colour.

For any IT support enquiries please contact the IT Help Desk on 01962 847007 or email, who will forward your problem appropriately.

If you have any questions about the content, please contact the Data Quality and Collection Team via