Equality and Diversity

Corporate Equalities Strategy

  • Foreword - From the leader of the County Council and the Chief Executive
  • Introduction - Hampshire County Council provides a wide range of services to a wide range of people
  • Equalities Policy Statement - The County Council is committed to ensuring genuine equality of opportunity
  • Equalities Strategy - The primary objective of this strategy is to ensure that the County Council has a coherent and strategic approach to equalities issues
  • Corporate Objectives and Equalities - Equalities issues are not `special' but important factors in their own right
  • Other Corporate Initiatives and Strategies - To help achieve the Corporate Strategy and its aims, a number of supporting strategies have been developed
  • Roles and Responsibilities - The effective delivery of equalities rests with senior and line-managers, with advice from local personnel teams and the Equalities Team
  • Management of Equalities - The structure aims to bring equalities issues into the mainstream of the County Council
  • Corporate Action Plans - To achieve the equalities goals required by the County Council's corporative objectives, a corporate action plan is needed