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Guidance on the Feed (Hygiene & Enforcement)(England) Regulations 2005

Who is affected?

From the 1st January 2006 new legislation came into place. These apply to all businesses that make, use or market animal feeds including farms. Retailers that only sell pet food are not caught by this legislation.

The aim of the legislation is to complete the farm to fork approach of food law so that the whole of the food chain is covered by hygiene legislation.

How does it affect me?

The new Feed Hygiene Regulations require registration with the local Authority of all feed businesses, except pet shops and for the feeding of animals kept for the sole consumption by the owner.

If you are already registered with other official schemes for example the Rural Payments Agency, CAP Reform or registered under Food Hygiene then you do not need to make a new registration under this legislation.

Businesses that have previously been registered under the Feeding Stuffs (Establishments and Intermediaries) Regulations will have that registration continued, but you should notify the authority that you are still carrying out the same activities.

If you are not registered yet but think you need to be or have any queries about Feed Hygiene matters please contact Nick Riordan by email at or ring 01962 833620.


What are the Feed Hygiene Rules?

For most farms/transporters etc the basic rules that apply to you are in the link below:

If you use premixtures or ‘straight’ feed additives then more stringent rules apply

  • Annex II (Requirements for Feed Businesses other than at the level of primary production of feed referred to in Article 5(1))

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