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Hampshire's streetlighting programme marks three-year milestone

Thursday, 30 May 2013

An ambitious programme that replaces Hampshire's streetlights with the latest energy efficient equipment to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon emissions has marked its third anniversary of a five-year programme.

In partnership with SSE Contracting Lighting Services, Hampshire County Council is replacing 150,000 streetlights, illuminated signs and bollards with the latest in lighting technology. Started in April 2010, the project has so far seen almost 39,000 complete units (lamp posts and lanterns) and a further 36,000 lanterns replaced or updated.

As part of the project, 50,000 remote monitoring systems have also been fitted to the upgraded streetlamps, which give the ability to dim the lights remotely, report faults automatically and alter the switch-on/off times to reduce energy consumption.

This combination of energy-efficient lights and remote dimming has already reduced Hampshire's annual streetlight consumption by 8 million kWh (from a pre-project figure of 50m kWh per year to a current figure of 42m kWh per year). This saving is enough to power over 1,400 homes for a whole year. From 2015 the total annual energy saving is estimated to further increase from 8 million to 16 million kWh per year or the equivalent of 8,000 metric tonnes of emitted carbon: As all large public and private sector organisations are obliged to pay for their carbon emissions (currently £16 per metric tonne of emitted carbon) this represents further savings for Hampshire's residents.

The new streetlights produce a whiter and more focused light which makes it easier to see at night, as well as helping to reduce road accidents and prevent crime. LED lights are being installed in the two National Parks to minimise light pollution.

Cllr Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council said:

"It's great news that we are on track with our programme to replace all of Hampshire's streetlights. At a time when fuel costs are rising, and our services need to be even more efficient, this project is lighting the way and ensuring that Hampshire's streetlamps stay on. This long-term programme is already delivering real benefits to Hampshire's residents such as helping to reduce road accidents and prevent crime, as well as saving money and reducing carbon emissions."

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