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Procurement of 63/63A Owslebury Bus Services contract

Thursday, 07 November 2013

The Procurement of 63/63A Owslebury Bus Services contract was approved by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Cllr Seán Woodward:

On making his decision he said: "Following the minimum notice being given by the previous operator of the rural bus service between Owslebury and Winchester (63/63a) we put in place an emergency interim service to ensure that residents and pupils of Westgate School could continue to access transport without interruption.

"In light of the need for a sudden change in provider and in order to stay within the budget the interim service put in place was for three days a week.

"In considering the longer term replacement contract I have taken into account the usage and limited funds available. Passenger numbers were low with an average of 10 passengers per trip and surveys showed the majority of journeys were for shopping. To return to a five days a week service would result in the contract price increasing by 53%.

"I am therefore content that the current school service and three day a week shopper service offers a regular and reliable bus service that meets current demand and should be maintained."

Please note a five day a week schools service is provided in term time.

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