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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

The Winter Garden

Winter Garden

The Winter Garden, which is situated close to the Visitor Pavilion, occupies three acres and containing more than 650 different plants grown for their winter effect. We believe this to be the largest Winter Garden in Europe. It has been planted to show a wide range of plants that are at their best from November until March; a period that many assume, erroneously, is a 'quiet' time for gardens.

2014 Update - We are currently working on a Winter Garden extension which is due to be planted in early spring 2014.

Many new plants will be included for your interest and enjoyment and the plantings will feature a palette of bark, bold coloured stems, scent and foliage. Close to the Visitor Centre is a large new bed planted with Salix (willow), Cornus (dogwoods) and with extra height provided by some existing birch trees. It is a simple combination of just four or five plant groups to help denote a bolder sense of arrival to the Winter Garden.


The Gardens has received sponsorship support from the UK’s biggest turf grower Rowlawn, who have kindly donated 700m2 of their Medallion turf to lay in the Winter Garden extension.

Rolawn is the UK’s biggest turf grower and a national supplier of safe high quality topsoils and mulches.

We are hoping the extension to the Winter Garden will be ready for the main planting season soon after April, weather permitting