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Led by Hampshire IT, HPSN (the Hampshire Public Services Network) was the first public sector network. It was created in 1999 to deliver an innovative and integrated voice and data network for Hampshire and Isle of Wight partners.

Its successor is HPSN2, provided through a framework agreement with Virgin Media Business. HPSN2 offers savings of over £1m per annum for Hampshire County Council alone and is available to any public sector organisation.

We formed the HPSN2 partnership to make the most of our shared infrastructure and investment. Partners can choose the bundle of services which best meets their needs at local and strategic levels. The voice service saves smaller sites from having to invest in separate telephone exchanges. All partners can be part of a single numbering scheme allowing code and charge-free dialling across the network.

Superfast, diverse and available

HPSN2 is built on next generation broadband technology, so faster connectivity is much more cost effective. Critical applications and online educational resources can be prioritised over HPSN2, to provide the best user experience possible.

HPSN2 has no single points of failure in its network core. All core services are installed in secure, environmentally controlled Virgin Media Business sites, ensuring that the core runs at 99.999% availability.  

Shared services

The growth in shared services is given a boost by the capacity and capabilities of this modern network and exemplified by the single IT and voice solution delivered to Havant Borough Council. Havant staff could operate from other sites and other desks within the building while it was transformed into Havant’s new Public Service Plaza.

Even before the network was fully rolled out partners saved thousands of pounds on mobile telephone charges by moving to the framework tariffs.

The network has now been rolled out to about 900 sites. Hampshire County Council has 230 buildings and more than 540 schools now using HPSN2. It also reaches more than 60 fire stations and sites from all 17 partner organisations, including links to health and voluntary sector organisations. HPSN2 is still growing and we expect the total number of sites using HPSN2 will soon reach one thousand.



  • 99% of Hampshire schools chose HPSN2, and are now connected
  • HPSN2 being reused to supply broadband in Little London
  • Flexible filtering provides bespoke access the internet


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“Now more than ever, public services need to work together in order to share the cost of service provision to the public”

Jos Creese, Head of IT
Hampshire County Council