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Website hosting services

All schools that use Hampshire County Council for internet services are entitled to 150MB of webspace. Depending on the in-house skills available there are a number of options for publishing a school’s website.

School Website Service

This service lets schools create an easy-to-maintain site. Schools choose from a number of templates and colours to design their site. A comprehensive user guide is provided. Three user accounts are provided to allow for delegation of content updating.

Standard Free Webspace

Suitable for schools with web design skills and familiarity with publishing a site using FTP. This type of webspace does not allow for more advanced design features such as dynamic content or the use of scripts. To apply for free webspace schools should email itorders@hants.gov.uk from a school email address.

Chargeable webspace

For advanced users requiring access to scripts, database functionality and other features.

Support procedures

Support queries for the School Website Service should be submitted using the online form.

All other support calls should be raised with the IT Help Desk, although many queries can be answered by referring to the internet services Frequently Asked Questions page.


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For urgent issues, call the IT Help Desk on 01962 847007. For anything else, see our contact page.