Hampshire IT

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association (HIOWLGA)

There is a long history of collaborative working through the Association of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Local Authorities (HIOWLA). Now known as the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Local Government Association (HIOWLGA) with both Member and Chief Executive bodies to provide governance and articulate the LGA’s aims.

What does HIOWLGA do?

20 public service organisations in Hampshire and Isle of Wight have joined together in a partnership to deliver modern, joined-up public services:

  • work together to transform public services
  • connect through a single voice and data network
  • share the costs of key systems and technologies
  • buy together, services, systems and goods
  • collaborate to deliver services to customers
  • keep sensitive information safe to support joint working
  • make access to services easier, more joined up and customer centred

The routine work of the partnership is largely carried out through professional officer groups working together on collaboration, cooperation and joint projects.  The drive and authority for projects comes from the HIOW Improvement Board of Members and the HIOW Improvement Group (HIG) of Senior Officers.  HIG will authorise funding for projects from Government grants and from partner resources.  For ICT the main groups are:

  • e-partnership board – a business lead group aiming to catalyse effective collaboration and prioritise bids to HIG for projects
  • HIOW IT Managers Group – The IT Managers of the partnership working together to ensure ICT is used to greatest effect in achieving the aims of the partnership and improving or reducing the cost of delivering services to the public. This group also shares experience of products and suppliers and is currently heavily involved in the  joint tendering for the replacement Hampshire Public Services Network (HPSN).

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