Land Charges

Personal Searches

In accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 Hampshire County Council has a guidance note about where to find the information required to answer highway personal search enquiries.

You may wish to carry out the highway search enquiries yourself, so the County Council has prepared a guidance note to help you find the information required for the CON29 form, in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations 2004:

As an alternative to accessing the information yourself you may prefer to ask the County Council to research, collate and supply the answers to personal search enquiries on your behalf.

The County Council offers a full Con29R to personal search companies in respect of the highway questions. This service is identical to that provided to the district councils, in both service and cost.

  • The fee is £19.50

Personal Search Companies will be invoiced monthly. We aim to turn searches around within 48 hours.

If you would like to use this service, please use the form below and email it to the address below.

We will answer all the Con29R questions for the £19.50 fee. Please complete company's name and contact details and box B (the address of the property). Box C should only be used for other roads, rear accesses, etc which are immediately relevant to the property.

Please email the Land Charges team at

Please note: in line with the regulations governing the setting of fees (see below), we are required to recalculate the fees annually. Using the methodology required by the regulations the fee for 2015/2016 has been calculated as £19.50 from 1 April 2015.

Please note that in accordance with The Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008 Section 9 (1) the fee for this service has been calculated on a cost recovery basis. (please see the "Setting of Local Land Charge Fees item on the left of this screen).

Please note. This charge is for the research and collation of the search response as permitted under S8.1of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

If you would prefer that we answered individual Con29 questions, please print the form below, ticking the relevant boxes. Please post it to the address at the bottom of the form with a cheque for the appropriate amount.