Audio Books

Audio Books

We have a great range of books on cassette tape and CD all read by professional actors. Most of them are unabridged though we also have some shorter versions as well for those who prefer them.

There are over 12,000 adult and children's titles to choose from, both fiction and non-fiction. The titles you see on the library shelves are just a very small part of the total collection so do check the catalogue or ask library staff to do it for you.  Audio books in Asian languages can be obtained on request.

Downloadable audio books

Audiobooks (and eBooks) can be downloaded in several different formats to listen to on your PC or portable device. You will need your Hampshire  library card number  in order to login to these services.
This service is currently free although charges may be introduced at a later date, in order to support the service.
Please note - it is not currently possible to download items in libraries but we hope to introduce download stations in some of our libraries in the future.  


A pre-loaded digital audio player which can store an entire book on a pre-loaded chip, regardless of length. It comes in a compact, portable and easy-to-use devise that can fit in the pocket or hang around the neck, enabling people to enjoy their favourite books while travelling, commuting, or carrying out daily tasks. Playaway is designed with simplicity in mind, with no cassettes, CDs or downloads necessary, users can simply switch it on and listen.


Compact discs containing digital audio in MP3 file format. The discs can hold up to ten times the content of a standard CD. Customers can listen on MP3 compatible CD players, CD walkmans, PCs, Apple Mac and compatible DVD players or the material can be transferred onto an MP3 device, including iPods.


Spoken Word Membership

A great scheme to reward and encourage regular customers of our spoken word service.
Instead of the usual pay-as-you-borrow charges, why not consider taking out an annual membership?

For just £20 a year, you can borrow five spoken word items, (excluding language packs), with no limit on the overall number of items that can be borrowed during the course of a year.

There are NO overdues or renewal charges to pay!
(Reservation fees do apply)

You will receive a Spoken Word Membership card, in addition to your library card, which can be used in any Hampshire library for a whole year.

Join the Annual Spoken Word Membership at your local library or buy online

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Download eBooks and audiobooks

Lists of audio book titles

Updated April 2013