Endeavour, bravery and sacrifice.

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    George Lowe - -Letters from Everest

    60 years after the first ascent of Mount Everest, this book of letters celebrates, in a very personal way, this most majestic of mountains. With exclusive access to the private archives of pioneering New Zealand climber George Lowe, this is a welcome tribute to an unsung hero. Lowe was the expedition’s official photographer.


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    Alexa Johnston - Sir Edmund Hillary: an extraordinary life

    Climber, adventurer, explorer and philanthropist - this is the first fully illustrated biography of one of the great heroic figures of modern time - Sir Edmund Hillary. It is written by his personal friend and published with the endorsement of Hillary and his family.


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    Tanis Rideout - Above all things

    'Above All Things' is a  romantic historical novel by Tanis Rideout and is based on British mountaineer George Mallory's fatal attempt to climb Everest, and his wife Ruth, who is left at home, waiting for him to return to her.


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    Peter and Leni Gillman - The wildest dream : Mallory, his life and conflicting passions

    Peter and Leni Gillman assess the goals and motives of George Mallory, whose life was dominated by two conflicting passions: his love for his wife Ruth and Everest, the highest mountain in the world. The choice he made turned out to be fatal.


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    Mick Conefrey - Everest 1953 : the epic story of the first ascent

    Mick Conefrey tells the real story of Everest 1953, revealing that what has gone down in history as a supremely well-planned attempt was in fact beset by crises - both on and off the mountain. To succeed team leader Colonel John Hunt and his team had to draw on unimaginable skill and determination, as well as sheer British ingenuity.


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    Wade Davis - Into the silence : the Great War, Mallory and the conquest of Everest

    In this work of history and adventure Wade Davis asks not whether George Mallory was the first to reach the summit of Everest, but rather why he kept on climbing on that fateful day. His answer lies in a single phrase uttered by one of the survivors as they retreated from the mountain: 'The price of life is death'. Won the Samuel Johnson book award 2012.


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    Stephen Venables - Higher than an eagle soars: a path to Everest

    In his autobiography, Stephen Venables explores how - and more importantly why - he became a mountaineer, and reveals a series of never-recorded adventures on several continents.


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    Ed Douglas - Tenzing: hero of Everest

    In 1953, Tenzing Norgay became, with Edmund Hillary, the first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. As climbing sirdar, in charge of the sherpas who provided the backbone of the expedition, Tenzing's contribution to the triumph was immense. However, his personal story has remained little explored.


Other mountains . . .

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    Jim Perrin - Snowdon: a biography of a mountain

    Jim Perrin and Ray Wood present a striking view of Snowdon, one of Wales's greatest icons, afresh to those who love landscape and literature, mountaineering and myth.


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    Joe Simpon - The Sound of gravity

    Patrick and his girlfriend are climbing in the Alps. She loses her footing and he manages to catch her hand but as it slips from his grip, Patrick's life is shattered, forever changed. This is a harrowing, dramatic and powerful tale of love, loss and redemption as that haunting split-second memory changes the course of a lifetime.


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