Jane Austen

  • Selected letters - Jane Austen
    A fascinating record not only of her day to day existence, but of the pleasures and frustrations experienced by women of her social class


  • Jane Austen fashion: fashion and needlework in the works of Jane Austen - Penelope Byrde
    Every aspect of fashion is discussed bringing the period most vividly to life.


  • Jane Austen and crime - Susannah Fullerton
    Adultery, elopement, dwelling and even hanging offences…all these appear in Jane Austen's writings


  • Jane and her gentlemen: Jane Austen and the men in her life and novels - Audrey Hawkridge
    Shows that Jane was much more worldly than many have given her credit for and that she was never short of suitors and male friends.


  • Jane Austen's guide to dating - Lauren Henderson
    Brings Austen's Regency wisdom into the 21st century


  • Jane Austen and food - Maggie Lane
    Food plays a vital part in the novels and the author discusses Jane's own ambivalent attitude to the provision and enjoyment of food


  • Jane Austen: a companion - Josephine Ross
    A guide to Jane Austen, her work and her world


  • Jane Austen - Carol Shields
    A concise summary of Jane Austen's life with added insights into why and how Austen wrote the way she did.


  • Jane Austen and the Navy - Brian Southam
    Shows the novelist as a historian of Nelson's navy. Two of her brothers served in the Navy and later became admirals.


  • Jane Austen: a life - Claire Tomalin
    A biography that paints a surprisingly different picture of the Austen family and their Hampshire neighbours.


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