What’s in your suitcase?

Whether you are heading for distant lands or trying to stay out of the rain here are some books that take you to all parts of the world.

Animal, vegetable, miracle: our year of seasonal eating - Barbara Kingsolver
From the author of “Poisonwood bible”. This is an unusual book which is difficult to categorise… set in the Appalachian Mountains of America this is part memoir and part investigation of how and what we eat. Full of passion it also has lots of lovely recipes!

Dreaming of Jupiter - Ted Simon
In 1977 Ted Simon finished his first round the world motorbike trip; in 2001 at the age of 69 he decided to do it all again! He revisits places and people last seen 25 years ago and sees how much the world has changed in this time… both good and bad.

The olive route: a personal journey to the heart of the Mediterranean - Carol Drinkwater
This is the 4th in the very popular “olive” series and in this instalment Carol traces the history of the olive by travelling through the Mediterranean basin from France to North Africa. It’s a true celebration of everything olive!

Piano in the Pyrenees - Tony Hawks
…or as the sub title says “the ups and downs of an Englishman in the French mountains”. It’s light hearted and fun as we see Hawks deal with his dream house and become part of local life.

The island - Victoria Hislop
Her debut novel has gained plaudits…it has been a Richard and Judy Read and on the bestseller charts. It takes us to the Greek islands during the Second World War. Centring around the island of Spinalonga, the location of a former leper colony, this is a moving and fascinating read.

The matchmaker of Perigord - Julia Stuart
Set in Amour-sur-Belle “a village so ugly that even the British refuse to live there” this is a novel about love, food and eccentrics. When the central character is the village barber who sets himself up as a matchmaker instead you can see this isn’t going to be run of the mill.

Saving Caravaggio - Neil Griffiths
A Naples based story involving the Mafia, the international art world and a stolen Caravaggio painting. It was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award.

Tiare - Celestine Hitiura Vaite
From the author of Frangipani this is the second book set in Tahiti. In the town of Faa’a everyone knows your business and when baby Tiare is abandoned on her own grandparents’ doorstep who is going to be the one left holding the baby, Materana or her husband Pito?

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