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The Café Gallery at Gosport Discovery Centre was developed to offer individual local Artists the opportunity to showcase their work in an informal gallery setting.

The Café Gallery is situated on the ground floor of the Centre as part of the Book Worm Café. This offers visitors a comfortable space to relax, browse and enjoy an ever changing mix of local artists as each month a new artist is featured guaranteeing a fresh perspective when you visit.

Mike Ross

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I started taking photographs as a self conscious teenager, to avoid being in the pictures myself.  I taught myself on my Dad’s old 35mm Halina camera, soon learning to judge exposure and distance by eye. Later on I saved up for a Zenith B 35mm film SLR and later graduated to a Pentax Spotmatic.

From 2004 to 2008 my wife and I owned The Photo Shop in Gosport. This is when I succumbed to digital and gradually worked my way up the Canon SLR range. However, I have always maintained that the equipment is secondary to being able to see and compose a good picture in the first place.

My inspiration comes from looking at as many photographs as possible, be they in books, exhibitions or the newspaper.  Favourite photographers include Cartier-Bresson (“the decisive moment”), Steve McCurry (of “Afgan Girl” fame) and Basil Pao (photos in Michael Palin’s travel books). I like to use photography to capture a place, a face, or an event.  As I was brought up on film, I subscribe to the principle of getting it right in the camera first time without relying on taking loads of shots or messing around with them afterwards on the computer. These photos have had very few adjustments done to them.

For the technically minded, all the pictures were taken on a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and a Canon 24-105mm F4 L lens, using available light


Jim Few

" "

I grew up in the village of Wickham, being surrounded by so much countryside gave me a great love of wildlife and nature. This led me to study sculpture at university. After leaving Portsmouth uni I spent a year travelling and eventually lived in France where I settled. When I came back to England, I virtually turned my back on art for over 10 years until I decided to teach myself to paint. I would describe my work as fairly crude with the main emphasis of my pieces being how I use light to its best effect. I mainly paint in browns to make my work look like old faded photos. I do this because I love the idea and the romance of loving at old pictures and I believe that art is romantic, or at least the idea is. My main influence is Surat the French pointillist painter.



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An exhibition of paintings produced by the Gosport U3A Drawing & Painting group, lead by Roger Pike.

The paintings on show are provided by people of various ages who get together at Christchurch Hall for two hours twice a month, and produce some really nice work.

The members are at different stages in their work and have produced some amazing results from their life-time experiences.

We do hope you will enjoy the pictures and give your constructive opinions on the sheets provided.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our artwork.


Bryan Mills

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I did painting at school but did not really take it up as a pastime till I was married.  I worked then with watercolours but when acrylics became available I started practicing with this method; I then did less of watercolours. I am still trying to find what type of method and style I prefer. I admire the works of impressionists Paul Cezanne, J.M.W Turner, Paul Gauguin and Amedeo Modigliani.  I do hope you enjoy looking at my paintings.


Roger Pike

" "

Roger was born in Derby in 1939 and won a scholarship to the Joseph Wright school of Art in Derby town in 1951.

Educated in most aspects of artwork, woodwork, metalwork and lettering. In 1953 he joined a small team of technical illustrators in an old Victorian house on the London Road, Derby. There were only three large rooms in the house, which accommodated three drawing boards in each room.

He worked his way up from  tea boy and slowly learned to read blueprints and then convert then to convert them to exploded drawings of machinery components for manuals. In his late teen he used to take off on his bike together with an easel and paints into the wilds of Derbyshire, peaks and all, painting in watercolours and oils landscapes and old farm buildings.

His artwork fizzled out somewhat when he joined the Royal Navy in 1958. After his marriage in 1961 Roger, wife and child served in Malta 1962-1965. During that time he designed two large floats, which were used in the independence celebrations of Malta.

On retiring from work owing to ill health in 1997 Roger attended art classes at St Vincent College for 10 years in order to upgrade to modern techniques in painting.

Roger, now at 74, helps to teach art to members of the University of the Third Age (U3A) at Christchurch Hall, Stoke Road, Gosport.


Paul Stevens

" "

I first became interested in art at the age of 5, when I received a small paint palette for my birthday!

The artist Bob Ross inspired me to paint. His influence can be seen in many of my paintings, in particular, the ‘scenes’ and the use of light. Ross layered his paintings using simple strokes and blotches that appeared to be nothing more than coloured smudges, and then transformed them using small brushes and knives to create intricate landscapes. He inspired me to use different tools such as sponges and flat knives to produce and enhance my scenes, especially the effect of light through the trees.

I feel very relaxed whilst I paint and often listen music to inspire me. I find this really therapeutic, especially after a hard day at work.

When I started painting, it was mainly a hobby, something I did for myself. As I showed more people my work I have been encouraged to go further and have now sold many of my pieces and have recently been commissioned to paint an oil painting for a birthday gift! I would absolutely love to be able to paint full time.

My most challenging piece was the large Elvis portrait. I spent many hours on this and have had several offers from people to buy it! I am currently in the middle of painting Russell Crowe as the Gladiator, which is also very challenging as there is a phenomenal amount of detail.

I am very proud of my work; I hope that you enjoy it as much as me.

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How to exhibit

Individual local artists who wish to apply to the waiting list to exhibit in the Café Gallery can collect an application form (including terms and conditions) from the Discovery Centre.

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