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25/11/2014 04:20pm

Sue Hodge

Visited the discovery centre twice in as many weeks recently to do research for a course I am taking. First visit there was so noisy, from the 'jailer' with his bunch of keys who opened up the meeting rooms walking back and forth across the floor to the arrival of people for meetings, those to register births and children ready for rhyme time. It is lovely to have such a variety under one roof but as for studying and being able to concentrate that has surely gone. The layout is there but the practicality is not. Hence I gave up, it was quieter outside in the town shopping area! The second visit was for specific material I thought would be easily available as it's a subject studied in every school from junior upwards to university yet the selection of books was practically zero. I was so shocked and saddened. If the choice of books are not available for the subjects our children (and older) study in school for their exams no wonder they revert to the internet and that is exactly what I did when I left the centre to return to the comfort of my own home.

The Gosport Discovery Centre replies

I am sorry that you found the Discovery Centre too noisy for study. We aim to welcome everyone and try to cater for all needs..The morning when rhymetime is on is particularly busy but once it has finished the top floor is usually the quietest place to be. If that is still too noisy then the Local and Naval Studies Centre across the High Street is quieter.

If you cannot find the book you want, the staff will always help you by reserving it or suggesting other titles on a subject. It is always difficult to keep up with demand for popular subjects but we welcome suggestions if we have gaps in our stock



31/07/2014 10:17am

Philip Allen

For the past year I have attended a number of events at the Centre and would like to record my admiration and appreciation for those responsible for the selection process. The quality of the productions have been 1st class and very enjoyable, offering excellent value for money and a wide variety of subjects. Thank you. I recommend this venue to all.

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

Thank you for your kind comments Philip. We do try to offer a varied programme of events to suit all tastes. If there is anything you would particularly like to see here, please let us know as suggestions are always welcome.



30/04/2014 11:48am

Valerie Henderson

The computer course has increased from £5 to £40 which is a 700% increase. St Vincent Computer course is free. Saying it's due to the cuts is an all encompassing excuse that all and sundry use.  

The Gosport Discovery Centre replies

Hampshire Library Service are able to offer subsidised courses through Business, Innovation and Skills Department funding allocated by Hampshire Futures. This academic year we supported nearly 200 learners through IT. based courses with the funding allocated before it was used. Now we are continuing the learning offer at a competitive price which covers the costs of running the courses. Staff in the Discovery Centre are able to advise customers of other local learning providers on request.



26/02/2014 08:58am

Lindsey Nottingham

Thank you to everyone at Gosport Discovery Centre for all their hard work in setting up and running a great selection of half term activities.

We attended the Jurassic Fantastic and the Winnie the Pooh day.

The Winnie the Pooh day had concurrent activities for different ages of children. The craft activity was really well prepared and there were plenty of friendly staff to help out. The older children went on the animation workshop which they really enjoyed and managed to concentrate for 3hours - £5 per head well spent.

The Jurassic Fantastic was hosted by knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. The childrens' attention was captured with an interactive story about the geology of Hampshire.

Not forgetting the Book Worm cafe, great coffee and cakes, and friendly service.

We are so fortunate to have the Discovery Centre - keep up the good work.



11/02/2014 10:01am

Jack Cropley

Hi, i understand that this is part community centre, but some of us do need to work here sometimes and it's fairly hard to with so much noise. Is there no way you can open up meeting rooms for free when not being used or is there a plan for a quieter section/room? My university is takes a lot longer to travel to and i'd have to pay to get there so i prefer to work here, i think it would be good for a lot of people if there was an area with at least a bit less noise.

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

The open plan nature of the building means that there are times when noise levels rise. However, it is always quieter in the evenings and the Local & Naval Studies Centre is a quieter area in which to work.



12/11/2013 01:55pm

Amelia Etoile

Its not a silent place anymore, the library. You cant hear pages turning or notes being scribbled. There is no shushing by bespectacled librarian dressed in beige corduroy. You do not have to creep around imposing towers of dusty tomes, nervous of each creak in the floor boards. It balks at the stereotype. What was once seen (by some) as a graveyard for books, now bursts with life.

It hums giggles and chatters unapologetically. It invites you into its light and airy embrace, letting you know you are somewhere safe, somewhere comforting.

The heart-warming whispers of toddlers singing nursery rhymes, the hushed babble of stories told at the scrabble board, the craft table or in the coffee shop come together to reverberate around the building, like the pulse of the community. For some it is a study, for some a meeting place, others find their first adventures here, their first love. Some expand their knowledge, their circle of friends, their horizons even their souls here.

Its a place where magic thrives and our inner child can run free, hand in hand with our imagination. It is escape, it is solace, it is priceless.



30/10/2013 03:25pm

Filip Dabrowski

I must say that Gosport Discovery Centre is by far one of best libraries / community centers I have ever visited. Amazing amount of space, fast broadband, nice atmosphere ;-) I am using theyr services on daily basis! Bravo!



14/10/2013 02:18pm

Angela Lethern-Palmer

Thank you to the member of library staff who made my book collection so easy today. I need to use 2 sticks to walk at times which makes handling books difficult. The member of staff took the book and put it through the machines for me. This was very much appreciated.



24/10/2013 08:34am

Cameron Gordon

me and my friend to make a stool to sell books and games to raise more money for new computers faster and up to date because the computers and the windows thats on the computers are old and slow i you should update

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

A new computer system is being installed at Gosport Discovery Centre at the end of November 2013. The new system will be faster and have a more up to date version of Windows and various other programmes including Publisher.



14/10/2013 02:09pm

cameron Gordon

When is facebook 13 in the gosport discovery center

Gosport Discovery Centre replies

Thirteen year olds will be able to access Facebook when the updated public computer site, Netloan, is installed. This system is currently being tested at 2 library sites. If all is satisfactory and there are no problems during the tests , it will be installed at Hampshire County Council libraries during November and December. Notifications will be displayed in the Discovery Centre as soon as we have a date for the Netloan installation.


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