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Fun Facts for Summer

A selection of books that use new and exciting ways to convey information, perfect for summer reading. Remember, information books count as well as story books if you are doing Mythical Maze, our Summer Reading Challenge.

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    Tracey Turner - Beasts and Monsters

    Is it a book  or is it a game? This is part of the Ultimate 20 series that uses a Top Trumps format to get over some fantastic facts. This one is great for Mythical Maze, pitching mythical beasts and monsters against each other.


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    Chris Van Tulleken - Operation Ouch! : your brilliant body

    This was recently voted Best Fact Book by the children who voted in the Booktrust Best Book Awards. A fun book about our bodies, linked to the popular TV series.


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    Mitchell Symons - Why don’t you smell when you’re sleeping?

    Mitchell Symons does it again: he asks the questions no-one else is asking. A collection of great facts and trivia.


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    Nicola Davies - Tiny: The invisible world of microbes

    An information book for young children, trying to show them the invisible world of microbes in picture book format.


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    Richard Platt - Galactic Mission

    This title is one of a new series of DK Readers which combine fiction and non-fiction for young readers who find facts more attractive than stories. This exciting space story is interrupted by fact pages that give information and illustrations which add to your understanding. Look out for several titles by different authors, shelved in the children’s fiction section.


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