Family Allsorts

Early Years books chosen to celebrate the diversity of family life.

This booklist features a small selection of the many picture books that incorporate the diversity of family life. From celebrating the birth of a new arrival to less happy aspects of family life, there is something for everyone.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, then try ‘When a Book Might Help’, a list of books for special situations.

All the titles on both lists will be available form your local public library. If you can’t find the title that you want, ask the staff to request it for you from another library. If you are an Early Years practitioner, the staff will also be able to advise you about obtaining a library card for your Early Years setting.

  • "When Daddy’s truck picks me up" - Jana Novotny Hunter

    A bouncy rhyming and exuberant story about Dad’s anticipated arrival at preschool having been working away.


  • "Great big book of families" - Mary Hoffman

    A fresh optimistic look at contemporary family life. Featuring homes, jobs, holidays, pets and much more.


  • "Don’t let the aliens get my marvellous Mum!" - Gillian Shields

    A celebration of mums that is truly out of this world. Simple text with bright illustrations.


  • "Silly baby" - Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

    When all the family fusses over the new baby, Beth feels excluded but Gran spots the problem and helps her change her mind.


  • "Baby baby blah blah blah!" - Jonathan Shipton

    An engaging story about coping with the arrival of new siblings. Emily has been preparing for the arrival of the new addition to the family only to discover that there will be two instead of one!


  • "My two Grannies" - Floella Benjamin

    Two Grannies, two cultures but only one grandchild. Competing Grandmas learn to celebrate their differences through their shared love for their granddaughter.


  • "Dan and Diesel" - Charlotte Hudson

    A story of the special relationship between a boy and his wonder-dog. Diesel is Dan’s eyes enabling him to live a life of independence.


  • "Lenny in the garden" - Ken Wilson-Max

    A delightful sing-along rhyme. Lenny and his mum have fun discovering interesting creatures in their garden.


  • "Catherine’s story" - Genevieve Moore

    Thoughtful words and stunning illustrations show that what makes Catherine different makes her special too. A warm and sensitive book about a child with profound multiple disabilities.


  • "Flora’s family" - Annette Aubrey

    A book that uses a simple rhyming text to explain adoption to a young girl.



  • "Every second Friday" - Kiri Lightfoot

    A brother and sister spend alternate weekends with their zany dad. A positive reassuring look at dealing with life after family break-up.


  • "Remembering Crystal" - Sebastian Loth

    Gentle evocative story of how Zelda, the duck, comes to terms with the death of her great friend Crystal the tortoise. A positive message that good memories can help to overcome grief.


  • Ella moves house - Angela Hassall

    Initially Ella is not happy about all the new changes in her life, but is reassured when step-father Joe  comes to the rescue.


  • "My Daddy is a soldier" - Gerry Waters

    A simple effective photographiclook at a day in the life of a daughter, and her soldier father who is about to go to Afghanistan.
    Also available as “My Mummy is a soldier”


  • "I’m a Superhero" Daxton Wilde

    Daxton’s moving story of his personal battle with childhood leukaemia. Explores all aspects of his treatment and his inspiring way of coping.



Family Life

  • "Victoria’s day" - Maria de Fatima Campos

    The everyday life of Victoria, who has Down’s Syndrome. Beautifully told through photographs and simple narrative.


  • "My Mum goes to work" - Kes Gray

    A reassuring humorous book about a small child whose mother goes out to work.


  • "Lulu and the birthday party" - Belinda Hollyer

    Lulu does her best to spoil Billy’s birthday but when she realises how unhappy he is, all is resolved. A charming story about childhood jealousy and sibling rivalry.


  • "Who will sing my puff-a-bye?" - Charlotte Hudson

    When Mummy gets a new job Crossfire the dragon has to get used to new routines with the childminder.


  • "Don’t want to go!" - Shirley Hughes

    Reluctant Lilly has to spend the day with Melanie when mum is ill in bed. She soon realises that doing new things needn’t be scary at all.