Early Years books to support Communication, Language and Literacy

This leaflet features a small selection of recently published books for children aged from two to five years. These titles have been chosen for their particular value in supporting communication, language and literacy, but will have wide general appeal too. All the titles will be available from your local public library. If you can’t find the title that you want, ask the staff to request it for you from another library. The staff will also be able to advise you about obtaining a library card for your early years provision.

Sounding Off

Titles that encourage childrento make a noise!

  • Emma Dodd "Miaow said the cow"
    Animal noises are all muddled up in this fun farmyard fiasco.
  • Julia Donaldson "Toddle waddle"
    An imaginative, cumulative story with all the different sounds encountered on a walk to the beach.
  • Polly Farquharson "The green line"
    A walk in the park seen through a child’s eyes that will promote plenty of discussion.
  • Petr Horacek "Look out, Suzy Goose"
    Children can join in the sounds that the animals make when Suzy Goose goes for a walk in the woods.
  • Susan Steggall "Rattle and rap"
    A train journey brought to life with rollicking alliterative text.

Lively Language

Books to extend children’s experience of language

  • Thomas Docherty "Little Boat"
    Thought provoking account of Little Boat’s hazardous journey with considered use of language.
  • Debi Gliori "Stormy weather"
    Lovely illustrations in this rhyming bedtime story.
  • Emily Gravett "Dogs"
    Dogs are brought to life by wonderful illustrations and effective rhyming language.
  • Alison Maloney "Flash the Fish"
    There is plenty of alliteration in a book that the reader will want to practise first.
  • Margaret Wild "Hush, hush!"
    A gentle rhythmic look at different animals hushing their babies to sleep.

Rhythm & Rhyme

Stories told in rhyme

  • Jan Dobbins "Driving my tractor"
    This catchy song follows a farmer on his tractor and encourages simple counting.
  • Lynley Dodd "Hairy Maclary, shoo"
    A rhyming story with some suitably expressive language.
  • Anna McQuinn "If you’re happy and you know it !"
    Children from all over the world are shown clapping and stomping their way through this traditional song.
  • Kathryn White "Click clack Crocodile’s back"
    The animals get together to outwit crocodile in this rhyming story.
  • Ian Whybrow "Say hello to the dinosaurs!"
    See dinosaur names, feel tactile illustrations and hear noises.

Guess What !

Stories that encourage children to participate and predict

  • Cathy MacLennan "Monkey, monkey, monkey"
    Rhythm, repetition and rhyme feature in this rainforest romp.
  • Leslie Patricelli "Higher! Higher!"
    This book will stimulate the imagination and invite children to predict what happens next.
  • Nick Sharratt "Foggy, foggy forest"
    Children are invited to guess which fairy tale characters are silhouetted on the foggy pages.
  • Nick Sharratt "Shark in the dark!"
    Join in and see if you can spot a shark through the peephole pages that will glow in the dark.
  • Simms Taback "Simms Taback’s safari animals"
    Pages of this book unfold bitby bit to reveal clues to the animal hidden underneath.
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