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Pick of the month

Each month we make our selection from new releases on DVD and CD and highlight the best new books or may select books on a theme.

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What’s in your suitcase?

Holiday reads, comfort reads and a chance to try something new.

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    Alexandra Brown - Ice creams at Carrington’s

    Georgie Hart and Carrington's Department Store have got the world at their feet. Since a reality TV series put them both on the map, life has been amazing! Carrington's profits are in the pink, Georgie has carved herself a place in the nation's heart and even better, her romance with Tom, the store's boss, has finally blossomed after a shaky start. Now summertime has come to Mulberry-on-Sea and Georgie is in great demand. The town is holding a big summer festival. But Georgie is about to get the offer of a lifetime - one that is just too good to turn down and something that will test her loyalties to their limits.


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    Robert Goddard - The Ways of the world

    1919. The eyes of the world are on Paris, where statesmen, diplomats and politicians have gathered to discuss the fate of half the world's nations in the aftermath of the cataclysm that was the Great War. A horde of journalists, spies and opportunists have also gathered in the city and the last thing the British diplomatic community needs at such a time is the mysterious death of a senior member of their delegation. So, when Sir Henry Maxted falls from the roof of his mistress's apartment building in unexplained circumstances, their first instinct is to suppress all suspicious aspects of the event.


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    Erica James - Summer at the lake

    It was a wedding invitation that changed everything for Floriana. If she hadn't been so distracted at the thought of having to witness the one true love of her life get married, she would have seen the car coming and there would have been no need for elderly spinster Esme Silcox and local property developer Adam Strong to rush to her aid. If she hadn't met them she would never have had the courage to agree to attend Seb's wedding in Lake Como. For Esme, Lake Como awakens memories of when she stayed at the lake as a 19-year-old girl and fell in love for the first time. So often she's wondered what happened to the man who stole her heart all those years ago, a man who changed the course of her life.


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    Jennifer Johnston - Sixpenny song

    Annie's father is dead. A rich and domineering man, he was always more passionate about money than the happiness of his wife and child. And when his lovely, fragile wife Jude died in mysterious circumstances when Annie was still very young, her father sent her to school in England, and tried to ensure that Jude was never mentioned again. Now, at last, his days of tyranny are over. And so Annie leaves London and goes back to Dublin, to the house in which he lived and her mother died, where she makes the first of several startling discoveries: he has left her the house she hated. Now, just when she thought she was free of him, she is expected to make a new life in Ireland, and live as he would have wished. Does she dare to defy him one more time? And who will be able to tell her the truth about her mother's life, and death, before she has to decide?


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    Liesel Schwarz - A Clockwork heart

    They gather at night, the steady click keeping them in time. Their maker made them that way. As more Londoners disappear, their numbers grow. One has joined their ranks, a special one, with power more potent than any other. It is old warlock magic, an enchantment wound so tight it's near impossible to unravel. And only Eleanor Chance - the oracle, the girl they call Pythia - has a hope of saving these unfortunate souls, souls that are burdened with the slow death from a clockwork heart.


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    Graham Nash - Wild tales: a rock & roll life

    A classic rock memoir of the legendary Hollies front man and member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Graham Nash tells it all: the love, the sex, the jealousy, the drugs, and the magical music-making.


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    Malcolm Gladwell - David and Goliath: underdogs, misfits and the art of battling giants

    Why do underdogs succeed so much more than we expect? How do the weak outsmart the strong? In 'David and Goliath' Malcolm Gladwell takes us on a scintillating and surprising journey through the hidden dynamics that shape the balance of power between the small and the mighty. From the conflicts in Northern Ireland and Vietnam, through the tactics of civil rights leaders and the problem of privilege, Gladwell demonstrates how we misunderstand the true meaning of advantage and disadvantage.


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    Lynn Russell and Neil Hanson - Wish you were here!: the lives, loves and friendships of the Butlin's girls

    When Billy Butlin founded his holiday camps in 1936, they were bastions of community spirit and havens of luxury. Here, for one week, wives and mothers were freed from the toil and drudgery of housework, children ran free through the grounds, fathers and husbands hung up their work clothes. Rich in period detail and highly evocative, this book follows the lives of five of the camps' key figures through the highs and lows of the holiday season: from redcoats searching for stardom to young families who returned year after year, to pensioners who rediscovered an inner youth.


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    Patrick Barkham - Badgerlands: the twilight world of Britain's most enigmatic animal

    Britain is the home of the badger - there are more badgers per square kilometre in this country than in any other. And yet many of us have never seen one alive and in the wild. They are nocturnal creatures who vanish into their labyrinthine underground setts at the first hint of a human. Here, Patrick Barkham follows in the footsteps of his badger-loving grandmother, to meet the feeders, farmers and scientists who know their way around Badgerlands: the mysterious world in which these distinctively striped creatures snuffle, dig and live out their complex social lives.




eBook of the month

Ace Atkins - The Ranger

Northeast Mississippi is hill country, rugged and notorious for outlaws since the Civil War, where killings are as commonplace as they were in the Old West. To Quinn Colson, just back from a tour of Afghanistan, it's home. But home has changed. Quinn returns to a place overrun by corruption. His uncle, the county sheriff, is dead - officially it was suicide, but others whisper murder. In the days that follow, it will be up to Colson, now an Army Ranger, to discover the truth - not only about his uncle, but also about his family, friends, hometown and himself. But once the truth is uncovered, there is no turning back.


Can you find your way around the Mythical Maze? Look out for monsters!

Libraries are getting ready for the hordes of children who will be joining Mythical Maze , this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, which starts on Saturday 12 July in Hampshire Libraries and runs throughout the summer holidays. Children can read any 6 books to receive their Mythical Maze medal , but here are a few stories  with a mythical feel that may be popular this year.


July Music Picks

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    Lacuna Coil. Broken Crown Halo

    Italy’s greatest modern musical export Lacuna Coil have returned with the massively anticipated full-length release, Broken Crown Halo. It marks the latest chapter in their ongoing legacy, a dark and sultry ride that started in Italy and has resonated in an opaque wake of sonic splendor throughout the world.


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    Dolly Parton. Blue smoke: the best of

    Iconic singer, songwriter, musician, actress and philanthropist Dolly Parton is proud to announce her latest recording endeavour, a partnership between her own label Dolly Records and Sony Masterworks. Blue Smoke – The Best of, will include her latest studio album Blue Smoke featuring a new duet with long time collaborator and friend Kenny Rogers and even a Bon Jovi cover  alongside her greatest hits on disc 2.


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    Nashville. The music of Nashville, Season 2 volume 2

    Following More 4 s second series of Nashville, one of the TV success stories of 2013/14, this exciting soundtrack has kick started a new interest in the Country genre. The soundtrack to the second season includes brand new music including collaborations and performances from huge stars such as Hayden Panettiere and Clare Bowen.



July DVD choice

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    A long way down. Cert. 15

    Adapted from the bestselling novel by Nick Hornby , the heartwarming A Long Way Down follows four strangers who meet by chance on New Year's Eve when they are each facing the same life changing decision. When Martin , Maureen , J.J. and Jess find themselves at a desperate crossroads, they form an unlikely friendship in order to help one another weather the difficulties of life.


  • Muppets most wanted

    Muppets most wanted. Cert. PG

    Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal and the entire Muppets gang head out on a world tour. But mayhem follows the Muppets, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper. Now Kermit is behind bars at the mercy of prison warden Nadya , and the World’s Number One Criminal, Constantine, a dead ringer for Kermit, has taken his place. As Constantine and his dastardly sidekick Dominic plot the robbery of the century, they are pursued by Sam Eagle and Interpol agent Jean Pierre Napoleon. Will Constantine get away with his nefarious scheme? Will Kermit escape in time to save the day?.


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    Calvary. Cert. 15

    After being told he will be murdered in one week's time Father James Lavelle finds himself with seven days to determine who his would be killer is and put his affairs in order.

    Prevented by the "seal of confessional" from going to the police, Father Lavelle opts to engage with and try to understand his small minded and morally scurrilous parishioners with the hope of dissuading the one amongst them intent on his death.


  • Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Cert. 15

    Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson star in this action adventure sequel based on the Marvel Comics series. Set two years after 'The Avengers' (2012), the film follows superhero Steve Rogers aka Captain America who is now living in Washington where he is trying to adjust to modern society. When a fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is attacked he teams up with Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow to uncover a conspiracy and, with the help of the Falcon, defeat a powerful enemy known as the Winter Soldier.