Library services for carers

If you care for a relative, partner or friend, Hampshire Libraries have a wide range of services that can help both you and the person you care for. Many of these services can be accessed online so even if you’re unable to come to the library to borrow books you can still enjoy reading for pleasure at home using eBooks, or find the information you need using online reference sites.

How to join

Joining the library is quick, easy, free of charge, and you can do it online.
There are several concessionary library membership schemes which may help you or the person you care for and if you work in a care home or group setting Group membership is also available.
Foster Carers who look after a child can find out about the special welcome pack for children in care who join the library.

If you find it difficult to visit the library because of caring responsibilities there are ways in which the library can come to you

What is available to borrow?

Reading for pleasure, listening to music or watching a DVD all offer a means to relaxation.

If reading print is difficult libraries have a wide range of books in alternative formats including eBooks and audiobooks which can be downloaded to your computer or transfered to a portable device.
You can search the library catalogue from home, and login to your account to reserve or renew items.

Books on Prescription

The Books on Prescription collections can be very useful for anyone who needs help with anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping and other common mental health problems

Reminiscence Collection

Activity co-ordinators in care home settings and carers who work with groups will find the resources in the Reminiscence collection very useful

Online library services

The library website provides direct access to a range of online reference resources which you can use on your own computer at home. You can check your account, renew items and make reservations from home using the library catalogue

IT in Libraries

All libraries have computers you can use to access the Internet or use MS Office software.
All computers have Supernova software for blind and partially sighted people. Every library also has at least one computer with additional 'accessible' facilities

What's on

Many libraries offer a wide and varied programme of classes and workshops


Carers booklist

This is just a small selection of recent books on caring available from your library.
Find other titles by searching the library catalogue or asking in your local library.

Caring for someone with a long-term illness - John Costello

This title looks in detail at the experience and practical issues around caring and makes useful suggestions on everything from positive thinking to support in the community.

The selfish pig's guide to caring : how to cope with the emotional and practical aspects of caring for someone - Hugh Marriott

Carers can be prone to feelings of guilt, brought on by isolation and fatigue. This book explores what carers and others should know about caring.

Coping with life after stroke - Mareeni Raymond

This book provides survivors with the support and information they need to get through the first difficult days and weeks in the period after a stroke.

Keeping mum : caring for someone with dementia -  Marianne Talbot

The author’s personal experience of caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease.

Contented dementia - Oliver James

Describes a practical method for managing dementia that will allow both sufferer & carer to maintain the highest possible quality of life, throughout every stage of the illness.

When someone you love has dementia - Susan Elliot-Wright

For individual carers without enough support, having a loved one with dementia often remains challenging. This text looks at the practicalities and relationships.

Caring for the physical and mental health of people with learning disabilities - David Perry

This text is a practical guide for those caring for people with learning disabilities living in community settings

Coping with depression : a guide to what works for patients, carers, and professionals - Costas Papageorgiou

An easy-to-use manual that explains everything you need to know about the condition, from how to recognise the symptoms to the range of treatments.

Explaining autism spectrum disorder - Clare Lawrence

Written in accessible, non-specialist language, this title provides an ideal introduction for parents, carers, teachers and employers