Music CDs

From opera and jazz to new age rock, pop, classical and country, libraries stock a wide range of music.

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We welcome suggestions for extending the existing stock, although it is not always possible to obtain older titles.


Music Membership

We are now offering a great scheme to reward and encourage regular customers of our Music CD service. This scheme is open to adults and children. Instead of the usual pay-as-you-borrow charges, why not consider taking out an annual membership?

For just £15 a year, you can borrow 4 CDs at any one time, with no limit on the overall number of items that can be borrowed during the course of a year.

There are NO overdues or renewal charges to pay!

You will get an extra Music Membership card which can be used in any Hampshire library for a whole year.

Join the Annual Music Membership scheme at your local library or buy online


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