Strategic Planning

All Applications in Winchester

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Application No. Site Reference Location Proposal
07/01326/HCS WRG012 Itchen Farm, off Hockley Link, Compton, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 2BD Erection of 13.7m x 18.2m approximate extension to existing steel-framed livestock building
07/01310/HCS WR209 Avington WTW Package Plant, Avington Park, Avington, Winchester Change of use for land to be leased by Southern Water, construction of a control building to house motor control centre, blowers and generator, primary tank, biozone, humus tank and boundary fence
07/01242/HCS WR105 Raglington Farm Estate, Botley Road, Shedfield Proposed agricultural improvement by infilling with inert wastes
07/01064/HCS WR207 The Norfolk House, 1 Romsey Road, Winchester, Hants Contruction of a new motor control centre (MCC) kiosk and vent pipe as part of a scheme to prevent internal sewer flooding to two properties
HCC/2007/0085 WR207 The Norfolk House, 1 Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5BD~ Construction of a new Motor Control Centre (MCC) Kiosk and vent pipe as part of a scheme to prevent internal sewer flooding to two properties
07/00997/HCS WRH007 Itchen Farm Site (also known locally as the Tarmac Site) adjacent to Junction 11 of M3 Motorway, main vehicle access via fourth arm off the Hockley Link Roundabout with secondary bus only access off Otterbourne Road A 864 space Park and Ride Car Park with central amenities building, landscaping , planting and earth bunds
07/00866/HCS WRE026 Durley CE(C) Primary School, Durley Brook Road, Durley, Southampton Hants SO32 2AR Extensions & alterations to create a new music and drama room, a treatment room and an SEN room and the reconfiguration of an existing classroom
07/00714/HCS WR200 Silverlake Garage, Row Ash, Botley Road, Shedfield Part retrospective extension of concrete compound (to mitigate against loss of approved compound area due to environmental buffer zone) construction of fire access and working area (including reservoir), relocation of screen planting and construction of opaque netting extension to fencing
07/00638/HCS WR205 Four Dell Farm, Poles Lane, Otterbourne Development and operation of facility for the production of recycled aggregates and other recycled materials
07/00591/HCS WRE052 Kings Worthy Primary School, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire Five classroom extension and support rooms
07/00491/HCS WRH004 Bishops Waltham Depot, Botley Road, Bishops Waltham SO32 1DR Demolition of storage, Workshop 2, fuel site canopy, mess room/male wc and female wc buildings. Removal of office portacabin, conversion of Workshop 1 to stores, erection of new workshop building, provision of additional parking and relocation of fuel site
07/00423/HCS WR204 OS Field No. SU5412 9507 Biddenfield Farm, Shedfield Temporary consent to authorise importation of waste from fruit from GL produce, Oak farm, Wickham to land at Biddenfield Farm, for the purposes of composting within a bunded storage clamp prior to spreading on land as agricultural fertilizer
07/00221/HCS WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Pedestrian Safety and access improvements including new safe foot path routes and 32 no car parking spaces with associated Landscaping
06/03707/HCM WR186 Avington Exploration Well Site, Matterley Farm, Itchen Valley Proposed variation of condition 1 of 03/02907/HCM-W17981/01 to allow for the continuation of the oil exploration activities
SCO/2006/0293 WRH007 South Winchester (Itchen Farm) Scoping Opinion: Park and Ride
06/03417/HCS WRS001 Winton House, Winton Close, Winchester, Hants After the demolition of Winton House (by others) the wing at the north end of the site (built approx 1983) is to be fully refurbished and extended (by 96 sq m) with new landscaping, car parking and minibus hard standing.
SCR/2006/0256 WR105 Raglington Farm Estate, Botley Road (A334), Curdridge Screening Opinion: Proposal for infilling with inert waste to improve agricultural land
06/03059/HCS WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Pedestrian and safety and access improvements
06/02938/HCS WRG014 Staple Gardens boundary within Jewry Street Car Park, Winchester Cultural Centre, Jewry Street, Winchester Omission of steps from Staple Gardens - Non-compliance with condition 10 of approved application 05/00199/HCS W01662/10 for alterations and extensions to existing library. The proposed steps from Staple Gardens lead to the doors in the west side of the Discovery Centre which are no longer for public access. It is therefore proposed to omit these steps and the associated breach in the historic flint boundary wall in order to direct pedestrian traffic down Tower Street next to the Theatre.
06/02913/HCS WRE004 Kings School, Romsey Road, Winchester Replacement of 1m high timber fence and gates to Kings School with 1.8 - 2.4 vertical bar fencing and gates
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