County Planning

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Development Scheme

The Development Scheme provides a timetable for the production of the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (HMWP).

The Development Scheme (2013) was updated and approved on 5 March 2013. The timetable for the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan is as follows:

Key steps for the Hampshire Minerals &Waste Plan



Cabinet and Council

October - November 2010

At this stage formal decisions were made by Cabinet and Council on the proposed approach to the delivery of the minerals and waste plan and next steps for developing the plan.

Stakeholder Engagement

January 2010

Following approval by Council and Cabinet, all consultees and interested parties were informed of the next steps in the process.

Have your Say on Planning for Hampshire's Minerals and Waste (consultation)

17 February - 24 March 2011

This consultation and engagement allowed all consultees and interested parties to comment on the approach to the minerals and waste plan. This allowed consideration of all possible ways of dealing with various minerals and waste issues in Hampshire. The consultation also discussed the options on geographical location of facilities/development related to the minerals and waste

Have your Say - Additional Mineral Issues (consultation)

27 June - 15 July 2011

Further consultation took place to look at an alternative site suggested for sharp sand and gravel extraction, to be worked as an extension to the existing Bramshill Quarry (Yateley Heath Wood) and changes to the boundaries for clay extraction (Selborne brickworks and Michelmersh brickworks).

Revise Plan

Summer 2011

The results of the two consultation exercises were processed and informed plan preparation. Any updates needed to the evidence base were carried out and the Plan was revised, taking into account the evidence and the results from the engagement.

Cabinet and Council + Partners

September - October 2011

The draft Plan was taken to Cabinet and Council for agreement.

Hampshire County Council held a special Council meeting on the 13 October and arrangements were made so that non-Hampshire residents near the suggested sites could speak at this meeting by following the regular deputation procedures.

Publication of the draft Hampshire & Minerals Plan (Statutory Consultation)

7 November - 19 December 2011

The draft Plan was published for 6 weeks, inviting comments on its 'soundness'

Submission to Secretary of State

January - February 2012

The draft Plan and any comments received during the Statutory Consultation were submitted to the Secretary of State (Submission on 29 February 2012) for examination by an independent Planning Inspector.

Public Examination

6-8 June and 11-15 June 2012

Hearing sessions to examine the 'soundness' of the draft Plan. Hearings adjourned by Planning Inspector 15 June 2012 to allow the Hampshire Authorities to prepare modifications to the Plan as a result of the first stage of hearings.

Cabinet, Council, and democratic meetings of the Partner authorities

Sept 2012

Consideration of draft proposed changes and Authority to consult

Public consultation on proposed changes to the draft Plan

22 October - 17 December 2012

Schedule of proposed changes were published for public comment on their 'soundness'

Resumed Public Hearing

13-14 March 2013

Hearing sessions reconvened to examine the 'soundness' of the proposed changes to the draft Plan.

Report received from Planning Inspector

May 2013

For consideration by County Council and it's partner authorities.

Adoption by Hampshire County Council and Partners

15 October 2013

The Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan was adopted by all partner authorities. It replaces the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy (2007) and saved policies from the Hampshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan (1998).

Any subsequent plan work required following the adoption of the HMWP will be reflected in revisions to the HMWDS as required.