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Hampshire Cultural Trust

Hampshire Papers

This is an occasional series published by Hampshire Cultural Trust.

The Burrows Family Album by Michael Barbour, 48pp, nd.

Burrows Family Record by Dr E H Burrows, 21pp, nd.

Amateur Art during the Early and Mid-Nineteenth Century by Alice Munro-Faure, 7pp, 1994.

William Herbert Allen 1863-1943 by Alice Munro-Faure, 16pp, 1992.

Hampshire’s War by Martin H Brice, plastic wallet of A4 and smaller sheets,1995.

An Introduction to the Printed Maps of Hampshire by Alastair Penfold, 52pp,1992.

W H Allen 1863-1943 Landscape Artist by Alastair Penfold, 26pp, 1989.

Catalogue of the Vokes Collection and General Collection, Firearms by Martin Norgate and Peter Russell-Jones, 219pp, 1993.ISBN 1-974595-90-5

Directory of Hampshire Gunsmiths by Martin Norgate, 84pp, 1993. ISBN 1-873595-89-1

Directory of Hampshire Photographers by Martin Norgate, 180pp, 1995. ISBN 1-85975-078-8

Directory of Hampshire Clockmakers by Martin Norgate, 254pp, 1993. ISBN 1-873595-88-3

Notes from Norden’s Map of Hampshire by Martin Norgate and Jean Norgate, 122pp, 1997.ISBN 1-85975-131-8

Directory of Hampshire Taxidermists by Christine Taylor, 58pp, 1997.ISBN 1-85975-130-X

Notes from Morden’s Map of Hampshire by Martin Norgate and Jean Norgate,136pp, 1997.ISBN 1-85975-134-2

Notes from Harrison’s Map of Hampshire by Martin Norgate and Jean Norgate,120pp, 1997.ISBN 1-85975-160-1

Rockbourne Roman Villa by David Allen, 18pp, 1987.ISBN 1-870651-37-5

People, Place and Time by David Allen, 16pp, 1991.

Harvest Home by Gavin Bowie, 14pp, 1994.

Evolution of Windmills for Milling Grain in Hampshire by Gavin Bowie, 18pp, 1990.

Recent Coastal Protection and Associated Temporary Exposures to the Middle Eocene Coastal Sections at Lee-on-the-Solent, Gosport, Hampshire by David J Kemp, 34pp, 1999.ISBN 1-85975-254-3

Checklist of Hampshire Maps by Martin Norgate, 2000. ISBN 1-85975-381-7

Notes from Kentish’s Map of Hampshire by Martin Norgate, 2000. ISBN 1-85975-380-9

Bradshaw’s Railway Companion 1841 (enlarged facsimile) edited by Martin Norgate, 2001.ISBN 1-85975-484-8

Iron Road Book to Southampton, 1846 (facsimile) edited by Martin Norgate, 2001.ISBN 1-85975-486-4

Kitchin’s Post Chaise Companion 1767 (facsimile) edited by Martin Norgate, 2001. ISBN 1-85975-493-7

Provisional checklist of the Hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) of Hampshire, UK by Christopher J Palmer, 11pp, 2003. ISBN 1-85975-670-0

Checklist of Hampshire Maps by Martin Norgate, 2004 (2nd edition). ISBN 1-85975-724-3

A Modest Genius - the life and paintings of William Herbert Allen (1863-1943) by Alastair Penfold and Tony Cross, 107pp, 2005. ISBN 1-85975-741-3

The Basing House Raised Work Embroidery 1660-1665 by Ruth Smith (ed. Alison Carter), 38pp, 2007. ISBN 1-85975-790-1



Researchers and specialist groups can look at the collections in store at Chilcomb House by prior appointment.