Procurement in
Hampshire County Council

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In-Tend help and support

tel 01962 832323, email

Common Goods and Services

Includes Food, Furniture, Stationery, Art Supplies, Catering, Hardware, Cleaning Supplies, Technology, Early Years
County Supplies Buying Team

Corporate Services & Partners Category

Includes Consultancy, Financial Services, Learning & Development, Police/Fire Specialist Goods & Services, IT & Communication Services

  • Information, Communication & Technology
    This includes areas such as procurement of IT hardware, software, licenses and communications/mobile technology.
    Contact: Adrian Hull (01962 667817)

  • Professional Services
    This includes temporary labour, consultancy services, learning and development, financial services, market research and advertising.
    Contact: Adrian Hull (01962 667817)

  • Police & Fire Specialised Goods & Services
    This includes Uniforms, personal protective equipment, operational equipment, forensics, other specialist services and specialist vehicles.
    Contact: Steve Colville (01329 316201)

Infrastructure and Community Category

Includes Highways, Waste, Transport, Energy, Vehicles, Property Services, Facilities Management

  • Energy and Facilities Management
    This includes areas such as gas, electricity, fuels, water, grounds maintenance, catering, cleaning, postal services.
    Contact: Colin Russell (01962 826907)

  • Property Services
    This includes construction, building, mechanical and electrical repairs and maintenance, hard landscaping, property-related professional services.
    Contact: Angela Timlin (01329 316204)

  • Highways Transport and Waste
    This includes waste and recycling services, home to school transport and highways works and maintenance.
    Contact: Karen Spencer (01962 845301)

  • Vehicles
    This includes the hire, leasing and purchase of vehicles, vehicle repairs and supply of parts.
    Contact: Paul Drake (01329 316213)

Culture and Communities

This includes support to more specialised areas such as arts, museums, libraries and countryside services.

Contact: Paul Drake (01329 3162130

Adult Services

Includes domiciliary care, residential and nursing care, learning disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities and supporting people.
Contact:  Adult Services Procurement Team (01962 826922) or email

Children's Services

Includes fostering, residential care, adoption and services for young children
Contact:  Suzanne Smith (01962 845450) or email