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Cost management

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We provide you with absolute cost certainty.

Our cost management service controls, reviews and challenges costs at all stages of a building project from inception to completion and then throughout the life of the building. Our dedicated and experienced cost management team offers advice in all aspects of costing construction, maintenance, fit out, Information Technology installations, engineering services, highways and civil engineering.

Cost planning

Clearly identifying your costs is vital to good risk management and helps you to make informed, best value decisions when planning your new building.

From the early scoping of a project onwards, our cost planning service predicts costs over a predicted life, quickly establishing a preliminary indication and then carefully developing market-tested conclusions.

Regular updates throughout the stages of the project identify all associated costs early on. We work closely in collaborative arrangements with contractors providing market testing of our cost predictions.

As well as drawing on in-house expertise for costing a range of different works, we can incorporate your targets for sustainability and carbon use.


From our experience of projects delivered in-house or for external clients we have a wealth of historic data which is collated for benchmarking similar projects and indicating market trends.

Cost/time benefits

As part of our collaborative approach to construction projects using frameworks and traditional procurement we have been tracking cost/ time benefits of collaborative approaches. This allows us to accurately identify when one construction project is benefitting another due to shared procurement or other collaborative work – helping us maximise value for money to all clients.

Procurement advice

We have a successful history of using frameworks and a collaborative approach. This provides our clients with skilled staff who are experienced in traditional and innovative procurement strategies – allowing them to achieve the best result for you whether it be led by time, quality and or cost.

We are experienced in applying public procurement rules and supporting our clients through the compliance process.

Our experience of taking projects through from start to finish provides you with effective contract management and cost control – reducing your risk.

With our public sector background we can tailor our approach to suit the culture of your organisation, and provide extensive support to take projects through your crucial in-house approval processes. We also produce robust tender documents ensuring that your requirements are met and quantified.

Cost control

Accuracy of reporting and forecasting is essential to cost control once a project is underway. We use robust change control techniques both before and after a contract is let, ensuring that you are always included in the decision processes of your project and that the team fully explore the implications of any changes in terms of cost, deadlines, ‘buildability’ and any risks involved.

We lead the management of the commercial relationship with suppliers and ensure that the payment terms are fulfilled. Comprehensive documentation of costs to date and forecasts of costs to completion, aligned with risk management and commercial control information, is always provided to ensure that you are able to make informed decisions and that there are no surprises.

Whole-life costing

Whole-life costs consider the balance of capital and revenue costs over the life of a building. We have developed a tried-and-tested whole-life cost analysis, based on practical data gathered from our own buildings.

The whole-life costs can provide useful information when considering design options at the early stages of a project and can dictate the materials and products best suited to your requirements. It can also provide you with invaluable information for your approach to the long-term management of the building.

Specialist knowledge

As part of a thriving County Council we have a wide range of specialist in-house knowledge on all aspects of the public sector built environment – from entirely unique historic properties, requiring restoration, to large-scale programmes of identical work on school or social care buildings, which can bring several clients together for better value.



Alex Chinn

Cost Management Manager

01962 847801


HCC Property Service's Cost Managers have a unique understanding of Public Sector needs and the ever challenging targets of getting more for less.