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  • Herbert Druitt

    Herbert Druitt Diary podcast
    Herbert Druitt founder of the Red House Museum was essentially a gentleman of leisure, he trained as a lawyer but his passion was collecting and documenting the past which he pursued throughout his life until his death in 1943. His diaries recall in exacting details the minute areas of his life and his many interests.


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    History Tour of Old Christchurch
    This excursion around Christchurch will give you an insight into the past life and times of the town.


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    Here Be Dragons
    Examines the history of dragons, the different types and the cultural differences, while trying to determine the idea of what is a dragon in different times and places concentrating on Wessex in particular, and especially the Christchurch area.


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    When the Redhouse was a Workhouse
    Audio-tour which will guide you around the Red House Museum pointing out the harsh reality of life when the building was a Workhouse for the poor.