Red House Museum and Gardens

Christchurch, Dorset

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13/10/2013 03:57pm

Ira Ward - Linwood School

Laura was amazing with our children. They really enjoyed their time at the Red House learning about the Victorians. Laura focused them so well, especially when looking at the artefacts. The Victorian rooms and displays were excellent, especially allowing the children to play with all the artefacts. Thank you very, very much.



29/08/2013 08:32am

Judy Major

I have just spent a lovely day at the red house Museum with my two daughters and two friends, each with their two children. We arrived at 10.30 and finally left at 3.30 after our third punch and Judy show. It was a themed day - Victorian seaside and the children made windmills and a postcard in the beautiful gardens and loved looking round the Victorian display in the museum, and buying their ice-cream with the old coins. The staff were really helpful. We will definitely be going back. The brass band was an unexpected treat. I hope they did not mind our dancing to New York New York!



11/07/2013 11:01am

Ann Seal

I have lived in the area for 30 years and this was the first time I had got around to visiting this museum, with a friend who is new to the area.

The gentleman on the reception desk was very welcoming and knowledgeable. The gardens were beautiful, very natural and not over manicured. The smell from the old fashioned roses was amazing and most plants were named. The museum itself was very interesting with some lively art and photos on show as well as the other exhibits. Well worth another visit.



08/05/2012 03:01pm

Andrew Turrall

We were very disappointed when visiting over the mayday bank holiday to find the museum almost totally shut, except for one small gallery. We had paid nearly £4 to park, and the opening hours were displayed as normal as we drove past and into the car park. It was only when we went inside that we were told of the closure for four weeks to train volunteers. Just like the visitor who commented at Christmas that there were no opening times displayed on the website, there is no indication online or outside the main entrance that the museum is almost totally shut at present.

Red House Museum replies

We are sorry that your visit to the Red House was not as you'd expected. We are currently in a period of restructure which does mean certain areas of the Museum will be closed over the following 4 weeks. A notice of the closure has been on the front door of the Museum for a number of weeks now and it has also been highlighted on our website for nearly two months. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this our semi-closure may have caused.



03/01/2012 11:12am

John Bulmer

Disappointed that we were unable to visit on the 30th Dec. We checked the website for opening times prior to making a 25 mile journey. Could I make a plea for you to publish amended opening times in advance? Arriving to find a note pinned inside the door is unacceptable these days.

Red House Museum replies

We're very sorry that the museum website didn't include our Christmas opening times this year. We will ensure this won't happen again.



08/10/2011 12:13pm

Jan Gore

Really enjoyed my visit to the Red House Museum yesterday, especially your research resources. I was thrilled to discover a photograph of my father, Alan Mitchell, holding a placard to protest about the closure of SRDE - many thanks for allowing me a photocopy of this. It made it a very special visit for me.



16/10/2010 06:03pm

Lara Barnes

I loved going to The red house. It had all the information i needed for my homework. Thank you...



17/11/2009 07:11pm


Steve COOK

Attended a recent talk by the author Lillian Harry. Upon entering the building we were made to feel very welcome indeed by friendly staff. The talk was a surprise for my mother of 83 who is an avid reader and was so thrilled to also have chance to chat with Ms. Harry. Her talk was very interesting and she made us all welcome snd at the end answered everyone's question. Oh and the refreshments were a bonus. The museum is well worth a visit to see many items from a bygone era.



06/10/2009 05:31pm



it was an interesting video to watch and will help me when doing my school project on the history of christchurch. so thank you.


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