Highway Maintenance

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Equality, diversity, and highways

The County Council is committed to ensuring genuine equality of opportunity and having in place a coherent and strategic approach to equality and diversity

The ancient right of all people to use and enjoy the public highway without hindrance is enshrined in history and common law and is very much taken for granted these days, but these rights apply to all whatever their circumstances. The County Council's role as the Highway Authority is to protect this right by providing appropriate facilities and by regulating what others do on the highway. We are committed to providing facilities wherever possible to allow and assist movement, access and mobility.

Highway Facilities Provided

For all roads, footways and cycleways the layouts and signage are designed in accordance with national directives to ensure nationwide consistency and clarity for users.

Guidelines are available for the provision of appropriate access facilities in highway layouts and we use these, together with consultation with representative groups, to ensure that the best access possible is provided within our major improvement schemes. For example, where appropriate we install level kerbs, textured paving and audible signals at pedestrian crossings and locate street furniture where it will not be in the way.

We have a programme of converting existing road crossing points for pedestrians from stepped to level kerbs, to make them more accessible. These facilities are provided normally on a route basis often to suit a particular walking route used by the community. It is necessary to prioritise the annual programme to ensure an organised and systematic approach to providing these facilities. We spend approximately £120,000 each year on this programme.

Level Kerbs for ease of access

Obstructions and Street Furniture

The County Council has powers under the Highways Act 1980 to deal with obstructions (e.g. ‘A’ frame signs) on the highway and is aware of the need to be considerate in the placement of traffic signs on the pavements.

If you are concerned about an obstruction or sign placed in a difficult position please contact us.

Road Works

It is necessary to carry out repairs to roads and pavements to keep them safe and serviceable. We try our best to implement road works to cause as little disruption as possible to those affected. Timing of large scale works is undertaken following consultation with affected residents and users. We recognise that the timing is crucial to minimise congestion, problems with access and nuisance caused by the works. Where there is a school, religious gathering or special event these can be taken into account.  

Find out more about roadworks, and how to receive email alerts about roadworks planned for your area:
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