Highway Maintenance

Roadworks and road maintenance

News services for current traffic conditions

Major County Council road and transport improvement schemes

Highways Agency M27 and M3 works

The Highways Agency started major works in June and July 2014 which last until autumn 2015:

Roadworks information online: roadworks.org website

Over 80,000 sets of essential works are carried out every year to maintain public utility and highways services. The vast majority of roadworks are undertaken by public utility companies (electricity, gas, water, cable services).

You can view a list or map of all works likely to cause disruption on a national website called roadworks.org

This lists all roadworks that are likely to have some impact on traffic flow.

Set up personal email alerts for roadworks in your area

On roadworks.org you can set up an email alert for future planned roadworks in your area.To set up an alert, from the entry page go first to "Alerts and Search", then to "Alerts".

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