Highway Maintenance

Surface dressing - what to expect if you live nearby

Before starting any works the County Council’s Contractor will:

  • Erect ‘advance warning signs’ on affected roads, stating the start date and duration of the works.

  • Send leaflets to adjacent residents, giving further information about the works and asking them to refrain from on-street parking on the day of the works. Parking obstruction and adverse weather are the main causes of delays.

  • Time the works to coincide with quiet periods.

On the day the Contractor will:

  • Introduce himself and ask you to move your car to a neighbouring street.

  • Sweep the road to remove any loose material.

  • Cover all gullies and manholes covers.

  • Dress the road surface.

  • Where possible, allow traffic past any machinery using manually operated `stop/go' boards whilst the works are being carried out. In some cases roads may be too narrow for this, and drivers may have to find an alternative route for a few hours.

  • Complete the works within a morning or afternoon.


  • Any loose chippings will be swept up over the next 7-14 days; and

  • Any white or yellow lines and disabled bays will be replaced within 14 days.