Highway Maintenance


Following the publication of the Marshall report in 1970, the County Council introduced a systematic approach in managing highway maintenance condition assessment and developed and implemented the County Council Highway Assessment of Maintenance Priorities system (HAMP).

The Local Authorities Association publication ‘Highway Maintenance, A Code of Good Practice’ first published in 1983 advocated a systematic approach to highway maintenance and this led to the further development of specific maintenance intervention criteria and standards.

In response to this, the County Council introduced formalised policies and procedures contained within the first version of its Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP) which was endorsed by the Planning and Transportation Committee in 1986. The HMMP has been updated periodically to reflect changes in legislation and/or standards and still remains the relevant source document for practitioners working in the organisation. Other developments within the Authority and the Environment Department however have led to the need to revise and reshape the format of the document so that it continues to fit well within the other Corporate plans and procedures of the both the Authority and the Department. It is intended that the HMMP shall remain the primary source document on the policies, standards and procedures for highway maintenance activities.

It is recognised that the HMMP will require updates annually or as required to ensure it continues to align with the necessary legislation and standards, with a further fuller review on a three year cycle to enable updates to be issued in a controlled way.

The Highway Maintenance Management Plan (HMMP)

The HMMP contains the key elements of the Highway Maintenance Strategy.

The HMMP is intended to be a document for members as well as a working document for maintenance staff.

The HMMP is integrated and linked to the Service Plan, Business Plan and Quality procedures of the County Council.

HMMP Chart

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Effective from:   14/10/2010
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