Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

1. Definitions

1.1 Highway Structures includes all structures for which the Highway Authority has some liability as described in Clauses 1.2 to 1.5 below and private structures as described in 1.6.

1.2 Bridges includes all structures other than footbridges as defined in para 1.3 with individual spans of 1.5 metres or more. Pedestrian subways are included in this category.

1.3 Footbridges are those structures which carry footpaths and bridleways as defined under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 or which carry footpaths adjacent to fords and road bridges. Bridges carrying only footpaths/footways/bridleways over roads and railways are also included in this category.

1.4 Small culverts and pipes are those that fall outside the definition of ‘bridges’ in para 1.2 with a lower limit of 0.9m diameter/span.

1.5 Ancillary structures are those structures such as earth retaining and reinforced soil structures with retained height of 1.5 metres or more and retained face at a slope steeper than 45°, sign gantries, noise barriers, coast protection works, CCTV masts, high mast and catenary lighting installations.

1.6 Private structures are those structures over or under highways that are vested in and maintained by bodies other than the County Council.

2. Technical Approval of Highway Structures

2.1 A technical approval procedure shall apply to the design, load assessment, alteration and strengthening of all Highway Structures as defined above.

2.2 The technical approval procedure for structures which are to be adopted as Highway Structures under a Section 38 Agreement and for private structures built under licence, is described in Bridge Procedures BP 2.

2.3 The technical approval procedure for all other Highway Structures prepared by HCC, Consultants, District Agencies or Suppliers shall comply with the requirements of the Department of Transport procedures BD 2/89 and BA 32/89, or any update/replacement of these documents.

2.4 The Technical Approval Authority responsible for giving Approval in Principle and subsequently accepting relevant certificates for all County Highway Structures is the Environment Department with delegated authority to the Chief Bridge Engineer.

Version No:   1.1

Effective from:   14/10/2010

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