Highway Maintenance

Highway Structures Policy

6. Inspection Reports

6.1 Reports of annual inspections carried out by Highway Unit staff are to be submitted to the Bridge Client as soon as possible after inspection, normally not later than September of each year. Separate report forms are to be submitted in respect of each structure.

6.2 Forms to be used for all Inspection Reports are as follows:

County road bridge inspections:

  • Superficial: Form S718a

  • General and Principal: Form S718b

Footbridge Inspections:

  • For those on a three year inspection cycle, form S718a to be used, otherwise use forms as shown above.

6.3 Bridge Inspection Reports

Bridge inspection report forms have the various elements of the bridge structure listed separately. Any of the headings that do not apply should be marked N/A and also any parts of the structure not inspected should be marked N/I.

Recommendations as to the remedial works required shall be made together with an indication of the priority. Subsequent reports shall indicate whether the recommended repairs have been carried out.

In the case of General and Principal Inspections, cost estimates of recommended work shall be made and entered in the appropriate column of the form. On the back of each form or on a separate attached sheet, the rates used and build up of cost estimates for each bridge shall be given. Where deterioration is such that the permitted vehicle load capacity is suspect, a recommendation should be made that a load capacity assessment be considered.

6.4 Maintenance Report

On completion of any work to a structure, a green Maintenance Report shall be completed and returned to the Bridge Client by the Term Maintenance Contractor.

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