Highway Maintenance

Tables &  Chairs on the Highway

1. Introduction

1.1 There is an increasing demand on the Highway Authority to allow tables and chairs outside restaurants and cafés particularly in pedestrian areas and locations where there are wide footways. Provided that free and safe passage for pedestrians can be maintained then such amenities can be beneficial and permission may be granted (subject to meeting certain conditions) on an individual basis.

2. Relevant Legislation

Licences may be granted by the District Council under the provision of the Highways Act 1980 Section 115E subject to the consent of the Highway Authority.

3. Policy

3.1 The provision of tables and chairs on the highway shall be regularised by the granting of licences by the relevant District Council.

3.2 Suitable conditions shall be drawn up by the Highway Authority relating to the extent of the tables and chairs, clearances, pedestrian access provisions, signs together with obligations relating to Statutory Undertakers’ plant.

3.3 The licencees shall conform to conditions laid down in the licence and these shall be enforced by the District Council. Should there be non compliance then this shall be reported to the appropriate District Council.

Version No:   1.0

Effective:   From - 21/04/2004

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