Highway Maintenance

Licence to temporarily deposit materials on the public highway - Summary of Conditions

  1. The applicant shall read these notes, the conditions overleaf and any special conditions attached
  2. The applicant's attention is specifically drawn to the condition 10 (overleaf) relating to indemnity.

  3. The precise location where the materials are to be stored must be stated.  Alternatively the applicant can supply a plan to a suitable scale (1:1250 in urban areas, 1:2500 in rural areas) which clearly identifies the location where the materials are to be stored.

  4. The licence will only be granted to the individual or firm making the application.  It cannot be transferred to any other person or firm.

  5. The applicant shall include proof of holding at least £10 million public liability insurance with the application.

  6. The applicant may be required to provide details of any lighting and signing & guarding prior to the approval of the licence.

  7. A fee will be charged for every two weeks or part thereof for the duration of the licence. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to Hampshire County Council.  Where a licence is refused an administration fee will be charged.  No refunds shall be given for a withdrawn licence.