Highway Maintenance

Roadside trees

Trees close to roads need to be managed to make sure that they do not cause danger to people, vehicles, and neighbouring properties. We manage trees growing on highway land. That means trees on public roads and pathways and generally (but not always) the verges beside them.

We do not manage trees on private property and roads – the land owner or occupier is responsible for these trees.

We deal with:

  • Dead, damaged or diseased trees likely to cause injury or damage
  • Trees that impede or obscure safe use of the road
  • Trees causing damage or likely to cause damage to property

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Guidance from the Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission has a document which includes advice on how to manage trees adjacent to the highway. The document is in PDF format. It is over 100 page long so we recommend you start by looking at Chapter Five which covers how the guidance can be applied in various situations.

Tree Protection Orders

The County Council does not manage Tree Protection Orders (TPOs). Please contact your local council (district, borough, or city) for all matters concerning TPOs:
Local councils in Hampshire

For advice about tree contractors or consultants please visit the Arboricultural Association website